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Education bitcoin, Here Explanation about Software NiceHash Miner Windows

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  • Education bitcoin, Here Explanation about Software NiceHash Miner Windows

    NiceHash Miner Mining Software. This software is equipped with multi algorithms that automatically search for the best configuration based on the devices that are owned. In addition, the NiceHash Miner also features auto-tuning to improve the performance of your mining device. To run it, just by downloading the nicehash miner software then extract the zip file

    For more details, here's how to install and run it:
    - Download software at this link.
    - Extract zip file
    - After the application window opens and runs, NiceHash Miner will immediately detect your device, both your CPU and GPU.
    - Continue to do a benchmark test first, this is so that the application can find the best configuration based on your hardware.
    - The pool can also be registered at the original site Nicehash or, also with other pools.
    - After the benchmark test is complete, enter the pool, port, username and password worker configuration.
    - click start to start.

    This NiceHash miner supports Nvidia, AMD, and also CPU mining. If there is the latest update of this software, there will be a notification in the application
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