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Attention to Brokers

Berikutan dengan larangan oleh pihak BNM yang boleh dibaca di sini, atas nasihat mereka yang lebih pakar, kami telah menetapkan perkara baru :

Dilarang membuka thread bagi broker yang tidak diiktiraf dan tersenarai oleh badan kewangan FOREX seperti (NFA, FSA, FSC, CySec, Finma .. dll)

Broker-broker ini diwajibkan untuk membeli pakej iklan di forum ini sebelum kegiatan promosi anda dibenarkan. IKLAN

Sila hubungi [email protected] untuk maklumat lanjut.


following the BNM new regulations that can be read here, we are advised and decided to place new rules that is :

It is forbidden for any broker that is not regulated by a recognised Forex financial regulator (NFA, FSA, FSC, CySec, Finma.. etc), to open a promotional thread of any kind on this forum.

Unregulated brokers are required to purchase an advertising package before any promotional activities will be allowed. Ads

Please contact [email protected] for further information.

any previous opened thread will be placed under our private section that can be accessed by VIP members only until further decision
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Forex competition “Classic without borders 2” starts on January 22, 2018

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  • Forex competition “Classic without borders 2” starts on January 22, 2018

    FXOpen broker invites you to take part in a Forex contest "Classic without borders 2". We increased the number of winners to 40 and the prize fund to USD 3,000. Don't miss the great opportunity to show your Forex trading skills with the use of classic trading instruments and get real prize money! Registration is already open.

    Terms of the contest:

    • Dates: January 22 - February 2, 2018 inclusive;
    • Registration: has already started and will remain open until January 28;
    • Initial deposit: USD 1,000;
    • Leverage: 1:500;
    • Maximum number of trades opened at a time (including pending orders): 100;
    • Minimum volume of one order: 0.01;
    • Maximum volume of one order: 100;
    • Margin call: 100%;
    • Stop out: 50%;
    • Account type: demo (competition) ECN;
    • EAs and locking: allowed;
    • Requirements for getting the prize:
      • to increase the initial deposit by at least 20%;
      • minimum quantity of trades is 10 with minimum volume of 10 lots;
      • to be in the rating among 40 best traders by Equity.

    Winners and rewards:

    • Prize fund: USD 3,000;
    • 10 best participants will be rewarded the following money prizes (50% is withdrawable, 50% as a bonus cannot be withdrawn). From 11th to 40th places — money prizes as a bonus that cannot be withdrawn.
      • 1st place — USD 900 (USD 450 + USD 450 as a bonus);
      • 2nd place — USD 300 (150 + 150);
      • 3rd place — USD 240 (120 + 120);
      • 4th place — USD 210 (105 + 105);
      • 5th place — USD 120 (60 + 60);
      • 6th place — USD 90 (45 + 40);
      • 7th place — USD 60 (30 + 30);
      • 8th place — USD 60 (30 + 30);
      • 9th place — USD 60 (30 + 30);
      • 10th place — USD 60 (30 + 30);
      • From 11th to 40th places — USD 30 as a bonus.

    Important! To get the prize, you should open an STP account and email its number at [email protected]. Profit from trading can be withdrawn at any time via any payment system available with FXOpen.

    How to join the contest?


    Existing clients:


    Useful links:

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    For all Forex traders here, I invite you to join Alpari's various forex trading contest for a chance to win cash prizes that you can use for trading. They have contests for demo and live accounts. Check them now and be part of the largest community!