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Attention to Brokers

Berikutan dengan larangan oleh pihak BNM yang boleh dibaca di sini, atas nasihat mereka yang lebih pakar, kami telah menetapkan perkara baru :

Dilarang membuka thread bagi broker yang tidak diiktiraf dan tersenarai oleh badan kewangan FOREX seperti (NFA, FSA, FSC, CySec, Finma .. dll)

Broker-broker ini diwajibkan untuk membeli pakej iklan di forum ini sebelum kegiatan promosi anda dibenarkan. IKLAN

Sila hubungi [email protected] untuk maklumat lanjut.


following the BNM new regulations that can be read here, we are advised and decided to place new rules that is :

It is forbidden for any broker that is not regulated by a recognised Forex financial regulator (NFA, FSA, FSC, CySec, Finma.. etc), to open a promotional thread of any kind on this forum.

Unregulated brokers are required to purchase an advertising package before any promotional activities will be allowed. Ads

Please contact ad[email protected] for further information.

any previous opened thread will be placed under our private section that can be accessed by VIP members only until further decision
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FXOpen – When Money Makes Money

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  • FXOpen – When Money Makes Money

    Switch DC in Demo ECN

    We’ve received several reports about ECN Demo DC 1 disconnections. So, the clients whose ECN Demo accounts are automatically connected to DC1 may experience some connection problems. The IT department is aware of the technical bug and it will be fixed in the shortest possible time.

    For the clients who use DC1 we have a solution which should be helpful. We recommend you to switch to Data Center 2 (ECN Demo DC2).

    1) Step 1. To do it, please, login to MT4 – put in your demo account data, then click on the connection bars in the right bottom corner of your MT4 and choose ECN Demo DC2 ( see the attached file 1).

    Make sure the system re-connects you to DC2 (the charts start moving again and the prices in the market Watch start updating again).

    2) Step 2. Check your settings under the menu the menu TOOLS >OPTIONS>SERVER

    If the option Data Center Auto Configuration is checked (enabled), as you see it in the picture, the system should automatically connect you to the DC, that offers the best connection at this time. Generally, we recommend to leave this option as it is, i.e. enabled.

    If you are stuck on ECN Demo DC1, or the system is trying to connect you back to DC1 even after you select another DC in the list, you may uncheck Data Center Auto Configuration and make DC2 the permanent data center, to which you will be connected automatically.

    To do it, please, uncheck Data Center auto configuration and in the Data Center field type ECN Demo DC2 (see the attached file 2) then click OK.

    Now, every time you log into your Demo ECN account, the system will connect you to DC2.
    Please, note that it’s a temporary solution. Generally, we recommend to leave the “Data Center Auto configuration” option checked.

    More Info

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    We temporarily do not accept Liberty Reserve for deposits and withdrawals.
    To fund your FXOpen account, please, consider using the other available payment methods listed at our Deposit/Withdrawal page.
    withdrawals from accounts with Liberty Reserve deposits can be requested via any other payment system available on the list at

    You may cancel a ?pending? Liberty withdrawal via History > Withdrawals in MyFXOpen

    and request a withdrawal via another payment system at your chioce.


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      FXOpen named Best Forex Broker Australasia 2011

      FXOpen receives World Finance?s ?Best Forex Broker, Australasia, 2011? award.

      June 29, 2011.
      FXOpen, one of the world?s leading FOREX brokerage companies, is pleased to announce that it was awarded ?Best Forex Broker, Australasia, 2011? by World Finance magazine.

      FXOpen is one of the world?s biggest retail forex companies well-known for its trader-oriented innovative technologies. It proved to be the market driver by being the first to introduce Sharia?-compliant accounts, Mini accounts and a MT4 ECN trading platform coupled with 0.1 lot execution and advanced Money Management technology (PAMM accounts). Its efforts to provide the most convenient, fair and professional trading conditions have been repeatedly acknowledged by honourable and reputable awards by independent and respected financial media. The award ?Best Forex Broker, Australasia, 2011? by the highly respected World Finance magazine has proved once again FXOpen?s commitment to its mission and solidified our leading position in the FOREX market.

      The company is expanding aggressively and continues to introduce trader-oriented innovations. It aims to double its local offices within the next two years and to offer its clients many new features and trading solutions.

      ?FXOpen is honoured to receive this meaningful Foreign Exchange award from the highly read and respected World Finance magazine?, commented Denis Peganov, Development Director of FXOpen. ?We have always strived to provide the best for our clients and are glad that it?s appreciated by industry insiders as well. The award demonstrates once again our position in the forefront of the FOREX trading arena and we plan to further boost the development of our brokerage services?.

      ?The World Finance Foreign Exchange Awards are rapidly becoming a benchmark for performance in the global FX industry and judges felt that FXOpen richly deserved their award win in ?Best Forex Broker, Australasia, 2011? what is arguably one of the most important categories in this year?s awards,? stated Alexander Redcliffe, World Finance Magazine Editor. ?Foreign exchange rises head and shoulders above its competitors by continually delivering revolutionary products and functionality and FXOpen have clearly been one step ahead of the competition.?

      For further information, please, contact:
      Press and Media Relations
      E-mail: [email protected]


      FXOpen is one of the world?s biggest retail FOREX companies providing its clients with everything necessary to get the most and the best from FOREX trading: advanced trading technology, reliable order execution and dedicated support. With the introduction of the first ever MT4 ECN trading platform coupled with PAMM accounts the Company solidified its position as a MT4 technology innovator and the driver of the market development.

      The World Finance Awards - created in 2007 to identify industry leaders, individuals, teams and organisations that represent the benchmark of achievement and best practice in the financial and business world - are entering their third year and will reflect a wider spectrum of financial services and related industries than ever before.

      For its 2011 awards World Finance has taken the decision not to list nominations for the awards as this naturally means that only those companies already recognised by the panel would be eligible to win. The panel believes strongly that the awards are at their fairest and most transparent when readers are able to vote for any company that they believe deserves the accolade, rather than handing them out to the same old blue chips every year - a criticism that has rightly been levelled at other high profile financial awards, where the same handful of teams seems to scoop the award every year.


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        FX Market Masters AUGUST (Prize 1000$)

        FXOpen is pleased to announce FX Market Masters ? a monthly trading contest for demo accounts.

        FX Market Masters is a monthly contest for demo accounts. The competition will start on August 01, 2011 at 22:35 FXOpen server time (GMT+3 during DST) and end on August 26, 2011 at 22:35 FXOpen server time. All participants must close their positions by this time.

        Terms and Conditions:

        Anyone can participate
        Initial deposit ? $ 5000, leverage ? 1:100
        Minimum transaction size ? 0.1 lot, maximum transaction size ? 1 lot
        Maximum limit on open trades ? 5 open trades at the same time (including pending orders)
        Minimum 50 participants
        Competition starts on 18.07.2011
        Competition ends on 12.08.2011 at 22:36 (ForexCup time)
        Expert advisors are not allowed.

        The registration will start on 18.07.2011 and will end on 31.07.2011 at 22:30 (ForexCup server time).

        The top 10 traders will be awarded real money prizes (the total prize money is $ 1000).

        1st place - $350
        2nd place - $200
        3rd place -$100
        4th place - $50
        5th place - $50
        6th place - $50
        7th place - $50
        8th place - $50
        9th place - $50
        10th place - $50

        How Do I sign Up?

        1. To sign up for the Competition, you need a LIVE account with FXOpen. To register a LIVE account, please, go to

        2. Go to and log on to ForexCup. Use the E-mail, that you registered with your FXOpen account as Login and the MyFXOpen password as Password (login and password for ForexCup and MyFXOpen are the same). It is recommended to use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. The registration page may not be displayed correctly in Opera or other browsers.

        You may receive an invitation for the competition from other traders or the administrator. Click Accept to join the competition or Decline to reject the invitation. Please, note that you can still take part in the competition without an invitation. An invitation is not mandatory.

        3. Scroll down the page that opens until you find the Members list. Click + to add yourself on the list of Members. Then click OK.

        4. Make sure you see your name in the list of participants.

        5. Then scroll a little bit up and click Save and Accept to confirm your choice.

        6. Select the check box I agree , then click OK to accept the Competition Rules.

        7. Save or write down your Competition Demo account info. You will see the following details:

        Competition Name: FX Market Masters august
        Subscription Name: ROOM 1
        Login: (demo account number)
        Password: (password)
        Server Address:
        Pin Code: (PINCODE)

        8. Access to your account will be available starting from 31.07.2011 at 22:40 FXOpen server time.

        Competition Rules:
        FXOpen CRM - Rules of Organizing Competitions

        Trader's Guide:
        FXOpen CRM - Page User Guide for Traders (level 1)


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          Congratulations to the winners of the third Weekly Contest on demo accounts Profitable WeeK 08/01/2011-08/05/2011!

          In the past 5 days, 63 players participated in the Profitable Week Contest, which ran from the week of August 1, 2011 to August 5, 2011. These participants competed, head to head, to be named the ?Best Players? of the week.

          Although five days seems like a short period for determining who the strongest trader was, imagine the effect these players have struggled through to come out on top including the summit of the Eurozone, publication of economic reports, a statement of Barack Obama, and currency intervention by Japan. This week was not an easy one and the market was shaky, leaving us convinced that the winners of this difficult week are actually really good and decent traders, flexible enough to overcome the market?s unstable conditions.

          This week?s winners are:

          1st. place Alex Wiguna
          Prize: 105 USD
          Gain in the account (%):247

          2nd. place TELEPORT
          Prize 60 USD
          Gain in the account (%):154

          3rd. place Alexandr Deineko
          Prize 45 USD
          Gain in the account (%):118

          4th. place Ara Petrosyan
          Prize 15 USD
          Gain in the account (%):115

          5th. place Peter Aisuebeogun
          Country:UNITED STATES
          Prize 15 USD
          Gain in the account (%):107

          6th. place Volodymyr Degtiarov
          Prize 15 USD
          Gain in the account (%):104

          7th. place Bearish
          Prize: 15 USD
          Gain in the account (%): 95

          8th. place alexboy
          Prize:15 USD
          Gain in the account (%): 94

          9th. place Olga Makarova
          Country:RUSSIAN FEDERATION
          Prize:15 USD
          Gain in the account (%): 94

          We wish to thank all those who participated in this week?s contest, for accepting the challenge, and for joining our game. The players who earned prizes should be extremely proud of themselves for they have overcome many challenges in this week?s contest. We hope they will return to join our new contests soon, and wish everyone who participates in our weekly contests the best of luck. Hopefully, we will see your name listed as a prize winner soon.
          Please register for our new competition here. You may be one of our next big winners!

          RebateFX - Paying Forex Rebates since 2007


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            FXOpen Lowers China UnionPay Deposit Fees

            FXOpen reduces China UnionPay deposit fees down to 1.5% of the deposited amount.

            August 25, 2011 FXOpen, one of the world?s leading FOREX brokerage companies, is pleased to announce that fees for funding your Forex account via China UnionPay have been reduced from 4,95% down to 1.5% of the deposited amount.

            China UnionPay deposits have become a popular choice for many our customers in Asia. Via China UnionPay, you can fund your FXOpen account instantly using a credit or a debit card. With the new reduced China UnionPay transaction fees, we hope more and more Forex traders in Asia will take advantage of this reliable and convenient payment option and make their choice in favor of FXOpen.

            Although FXOpen does not process withdrawals directly to China UnionPay cards, clients with China UnionPay deposits have a wide choice of withdrawal options. For amounts over USD 100.00 withdrawals are made via bank wire transfer. For amounts under USD 100.00 withdrawals can be made to any other payment system accepted by FXOpen.
            For more information, go to FXOpen CRM Knowledge Base

            FXOpen is one of the world?s biggest retail FOREX companies. It provides its clients with everything necessary to get the most and the best from FOREX trading: advanced trading technology, reliable order execution and dedicated support. With the introduction of the first ever MT4 ECN trading platform coupled with PAMM accounts the Company solidified its position as a MT4 technology innovator and the driver of the market development.

            For further information, please, contact:
            FXOpen Press and Media Relations contact
            [email protected]
            Best Regards, Tatjana Chareichyk
            Development Manager

            skype: tatjanafxopen


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              This month 229 traders took the chance test their luck, showcase their Forex trading skills and compete for the top prizes in FX Market Masters September ? FXOpen?s monthly competition. Market Masters September was a tight contest. Trader Makrachou Raman from Belarus literally fought his way to the top prize, leaving his rivals far behind with the account gain of 2121%. Congrats on this victory and on receiving the 1st prize (USD 675).

              Contest placing for Market Masters September is as follows:

              1. Place Makrachou Raman
              Prize: 675 USD
              Account gain (%):2121

              2. Place Olexandr Korobkin
              Prize 270 USD
              Account gain (%):1275

              3. Place Ahia
              Prize 180 USD
              Account gain (%):1171

              4. Place Boery Waluyo
              Prize:120 USD
              Account gain (%):662

              5. Place paymen
              Prize 75 USD
              Account gain (%):476

              6. Place Chaoyang Tian
              Prize 45 USD
              Account gain (%):407

              7. Place basilio
              Prize:45 USD
              Account gain (%): 396

              8. Place Igor Benyko
              Prize:30 USD
              Account gain (%): 294

              9. Place Alexandr Deineko
              Prize:30 USD
              Account gain (%): 273

              10. Place Ernest Tsoy
              Prize:30 USD
              Account gain (%): 222

              Since the launching of regular ForexCup competitions in July 2011, FXOpen has organized over 15 weekly and monthly contests. And our next offering is huge as never before ? FXOpen is pleased to announce PAMM Master 5000 with the prize of $5000 + $5000 as an investment into the winner?s PAMM account up for grabs. The registration for PAMM Master 5000 is about to finish and the competition starts on October 10, 2011.

              Been dreaming to become a PAMM Manager? It?s your real chance to get started!

              For more information see
              PAMM Master 5000 Terms
              RebateFX - Paying Forex Rebates since 2007


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                1. place united
                country: JORDAN
                Prize:: 200 USD
                Gain (%):442

                2. place Rabah
                country: JORDAN
                Prize: 100 USD
                Gain (%):424

                3. place APlus
                country: THAILAND
                Prize: 75 USD
                Gain (%):324

                4. place Elena Safronava
                country: BELARUS
                Prize::25 USD
                Gain (%):295

                5. place Maria Sakrapava
                country: BELARUS
                Prize: 25 USD
                Gain (%):284

                6. place Selvakumar Ganesan
                country: INDIA
                Prize: 25 USD
                Gain (%):226

                7. place Bearish
                country: BELARUS
                Gain (%): 201

                8. place Nafan9I
                country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION
                Prize::15 USD
                Gain (%): 184

                9. place Sergey Fedorishchev
                country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION
                Prize::10 USD
                Gain (%): 174

                10. place sailor
                country: RUSSIAN FEDERATION
                Prize::10 USD
                Gain (%): 159

                Do you think you can beat this week’s winners? Take the challenge! :sm46:
                The next weekly contest is about to start on October 24, 2011. Register for free! The 10 top traders, showcasing the best results during the 5 competition days, will receive real money prizes from FXOpen. In Profitable WeeK, the prize money pool totals USD 500. Be the first with FXOpen!

                Terms and Conditions:
                • Anyone can participate for free!
                • Initial deposit – $ 5000, leverage 1:100
                • Minimum transaction size – 0.1 lot, maximum transaction size – 1 lot
                • Maximum limit on open trades – 3 open trades at the same time (including pending orders)
                • Minimum 45 participants
                • Competition starts on 24.10.2011
                • Competition ends on 28.10.2011
                • Expert advisors are not allowed

                Register for Profitable WeeK 10/24/2011-10/28/2011
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                  FXOpen invites traders to beta test FXOpen Trader -- a free Android application for mobile Forex trading via the Internet.

                  October 19, 2011. FXOpen, one of the leading FOREX brokerage companies, invites its clients to beta test FXOpen Trader – our innovative proprietary developed application for Android mobile devices. FXOpen Trader can be downloaded for free from the Android Market. The beta-testing version allows the user to view real-time Forex data, including pricing and charts, get technical analysis and economic news as well as videos from FXOpen's youtube channel.

                  FXOpen Trader’s other features include:
                  • - Live interactive currency charts
                  • - Tools for technical analysis (30+ indicators)
                  • - Daily high/low
                  • - Live FX market price overview
                  • - Online Forex quotes (20+ currency pairs)
                  • - Historical prices
                  • - Forex market news
                  • - FXOpen news
                  • - FXOpen TV
                  • - Automatic/manual updates

                  We still think there’s a lot of room for improvement! By making the beta testing version available to the trading community, we hope to find out how FXOpen Trader works on the whole variety of Android devices and identify customer preferences. Feel free to give your feedback on the software bugs, usability problems or suggest features you’d like us to add in the final version of FXOpen Trader for Android. A full-featured version, with live and demo trading options included, will be announced in the near future.

                  Download FXOpen Trader for free from the Android Market, try it out on your Android device and send your feedback to [email protected]. Your bug report (or suggestion) should include the model of your Android device.

                  We already have a lot to offer, help us make it even better! :sm8:

                  Press and Media contact
                  [email protected]
                  RebateFX - Paying Forex Rebates since 2007


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                    FXOz has defeated SlayersMMA 3-2 to advance to the round of 4 for GSL November! He will face off against NSHoSeo Jjakji which will undoubtedly be his toughest match to date. Jjakji showed very impressive TvP in his ro8 match vs Puzzle. All of FXO congratulates Oz on his recent success especially since he was unable to use his regular equipment for the match due to his return flight from MLG misplacing his luggage. Oz vs Jjajki will definatly be a match to not miss and FXO hopes you can all join us in cheering for Oz during his match on the 28th of November on GOMTV

                    Read more on the FXOpen Esports website
                    RebateFX - Paying Forex Rebates since 2007


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                      FXOpen Trading Servers Stopped for Technical Maintenance

                      FXOpen Trading Servers Stopped for Technical Maintenance

                      On May 8, 2012 FXOpen?s trading servers will be stopped for 1 hour due to urgent technical maintenance.
                      On May 8, 2012 FXOpen will be performing urgent technical maintenance on its trading servers. Later today FXOpen Real-3, Real-1, Real-2 and finally Live ECN will be stopped one by one and will be unavailable for 1 hour each.
                      We are sorry for the temporary inconveniences and will try to keep the downtime to the minimum.
                      If positions in your account suffered loss due to the server maintenance, e-mail [email protected] with your account number and the ticket number of the trade, describe the problem and the desired outcome. You may use print screens of your Meta Trader, the latest daily statements or the terminal logs to support your claim
                      We will do our best to review all claims and settle each of them in the fair manner.
                      Press and Media contact
                      [email protected]

                      Last edited by FXOpenMsiaCS2; 09-05-2012, 05:17 PM.


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                        New No Deposit and Volume-Based Bonuses from FXOpen

                        New No Deposit and Volume-Based Bonuses from FXOpen
                        Register with FXOpen now and get a $25 bonus in a Standard account or a $1 bonus in a Micro account without a deposit. Make more trades and get a withdrawable $100 bonus.

                        May 3, 2012. FXOpen, one of the leading brokers in the Forex market announces new bonus promotions. Get real money bonuses to your trading account and start Forex trading without an initial investment!

                        No deposit bonuses to new accounts (welcome bonuses) give Forex beginners a chance to try Forex trading in a live account, even if they do not have the funds for the starting deposit. A $25 bonus is paid to Standard accounts and a $1 bonus is paid to Micro accounts.

                        Bonuses based on trading volume (withdrawable) Сountinue successful trading and get a $100 bonus. The bonus is paid to a Standard account once the total volume of trading (closed trades) reaches 10 Standard lots. For Micro accounts, the bonus is paid once the total volume of closed trades in the account reaches 1000 micro lots. You can use this bonus for further trading or withdraw via any payment option available in MyFXOpen trader?s personal area.

                        Apart from that, we offer special bonuses for traders, who join our ForexCup Forex trading competitions. Forex trading contests give you an excellent chance to practice and try our your trading strategy. What is more, you can earn the starting deposit for your live account (up to $1000).

                        Active members of FXOpen forum can benefit from our posting bonuses. Bonus amount varies depending on the forum thread (typically $0.03-0.10 per post). You can use the bonus for trading in the live account or withdraw via any payment system available in MyFXOpen.

                        For any account type there is always a bonus or a promotion you can benefit from!

                        Press and Media contact
                        [email protected]

                        Updated May 8th: I am adding a short "Bonus FAQ" here, based on the questions, most asked by FXOpen clients. Feel free to add your suggestions, what should be added to the FAQ.

                        Bonus FAQ:

                        1) When did the new bonuses start?
                        New bonuses are in effect starting from April 30, 2012.

                        2) How many welcome bonuses can i get?
                        Only one. You can get either $25 or $1, depending on which account you open first after registration (Standard or Micro). That means if you opened a Standard account first and received the 25 USD bonus, you will not get the 1 USD bonus when adding a Micro account.
                        Each client is supposed to have only one FXOpen eWallet. If finance department detects that you registered several times with different e-mail addresses in order to get multiple welcome bonuses, they will only leave the first welcome bonus, and remove all the further welcome bonuses in your accounts.

                        3) Will FXOpen remove the welcome bonus, when i withdraw profit from my account?
                        No. You can withdraw the profit (after making 5 trades) and the welcome bonus will still remain in your account.

                        4) Will the welcome bonus expire at some point?
                        No. The welcome bonus will remain in the account for an unlimited period of time. But remember that you can lose it in trading!

                        5) I registered an e-Wallet with FXOpen before April 30th. Can i still get the welcome?
                        Yes, in some cases. You can get the welcome bonus if you registered an e-wallet before April 30th, but you added and verified your first trading account after April 30th . If you did not get the bonus in this case, please, e-mail your account number to [email protected] and they will add the bonus to your account.

                        6) How many $100 bonuses can i get?
                        The $100 bonus will be paid to EACH your account, that reaches the required trading volume (10 lots for Standard accounts and 1000 micro lot for Micro accounts).

                        Please, note that for Standard accounts, 10 lots are counted from the start of trading in the account.
                        For Micro accounts, the 1000 micro lots are counted starting from April 30th, 2012. Trades made before April 30th are not counted for the bonus.



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                          Meta Trader 4 in your iPhone or iPad!

                          Meta Trader 4 for iPhone and iPad is now available for FXOpen customers

                          February 20, 2012. FXOpen one of the leading FOREX brokerage companies is pleased to announce that Meta Trader 4 trading platform for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is now available for FXOpen clients via Apple Store. The release of this application has been much anticipated by Forex traders who prefer iOS. FXOpen customers can use Meta Trader 4 for iPhone absolutely for free. You can use it to trade on your live FXOpen account or demo accounts.

                          Finally iPhone fans can experience all advantages of Meta Trader 4 on their mobile devices. Meta Trader 4 for iPhone is a full-featured application, offering a wide range of tools for technical analysis and easy to use interface � including trading directly from the chart and more!

                          Download MetaTrader 4 to your iPhone or iPad and enjoy Forex trading any time and from anywhere in the world.

                          Meta Trader 4 for iPhone and iPad is offered by Meta Quotes for FXOpen client absolutely for free.

                          Meta Trader 4 for iPhone and iPad is available on Apple Store.

                          Press and Media contact
                          [email protected]


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                            Partnership Commission for ECN Accounts Increased Up to 15%

                            Agents will now get 15% of commission for trades made by their referrals in ECN accounts.

                            June 11, 2012. FXOpen, one of the world?s leading FOREX brokers, is pleased to announce that partnership commission from trades made in ECN accounts has been increased from 5% up to 15%.

                            The new commission rate (15%) will be calculated starting from June 11, 2012.

                            We would like to always keep our respected partners (introducing brokers) motivated to promote their agent links and introduce the benefits of FXOpen ECN to more and more new traders worldwide.
                            Refer new clients to FXOpen and earn a steady stream of income from our referral commission. In return, we will deliver the highest level of service and a quality product offering to help you grow your own business.

                            Terms and Conditions of FXOpen Referral Program:

                            - Your referral link is found under the Partnership > General Info menu in MyFXOpen;
                            - To become your referral, a client must open an FXOpen ewallet and a trading account using your referral link;
                            - All other trading accounts, that your referral opens under his FXOpen ewallet will be your referrals as well;
                            - Every time your client closes a position in an ECN account, you will get 15% of the FXOpen ECN commission charged for the transaction, (regardless of the profit or loss he makes in this trade).
                            - To see the amount of commission that you receive daily from each of your referral accounts, go to Partnership > Commission inside MyFXOpen. You will also see the incoming commission in your Meta Trader > Account History;
                            - Commission is added daily to your account (at midnight for all trades that your referrals closed during the previous day).

                            For more information, please, visit the Partnership page or FXOpen Knowledge Base.

                            Discuss news on FXOpen Forum

                            Best Regards,
                            FXOpen Customer Service
                            E-mail: [email protected]
                            FXOpen Live Chat (24/5)


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                              One E-Wallet per Person Allowed Only

                              Dear Customers,

                              Please, be aware of the recent change in the Company?s policy ? each client is allowed to have only one FXOpen eWallet. We do not allow one person to open multiple ewallets with different e-mail addresses.
                              We kindly ask our existing clients who already have several e-wallets to transfer all funds to one of their e-wallets. And notify us about this by e-mail so that we can disable other e-wallets opened by you. Please, send your notifications to [email protected] before June 22, 2012.
                              If we detect several e-wallets belonging to one and the same person after 22 June, only the first e-wallet will be left active. All other e-wallets belonging to the same person will be disabled (and the funds transferred to the first e-wallet automatically).

                              Best Regards,
                              FXOpen Customer Service
                              E-mail: [email protected]
                              FXOpen Live Chat (24/5)