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    Join live discussion of on our forum. Leave your review about this Forex Broker.
    What's your opinion? Please, give your assessment of the quality: Trading Platform, Process of Deposit / Withdraw, Customer Service, Features and etc.
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    I've been using this broker for almost a year now and I'm very happy with the service. They had some slippage issues about a month ago but recently they added new LP's and the problem is gone,
    also spreads are better then previously. Unbeatable polish support, very quick response time, active on local forex forums, havent had any problems with them

    Bit of downside - every 3-4 monts they are having some server issues. Last one I remember lasted for over 4 hours and made some of my trades dissapear.
    Fortunetelly after compalining and sending the my log they returned the missing money, so that's a good sign. It also took them not very long, comparing to FxSalt for example.

    I also deposited some funds with Liberty Reserver. After they went down they allowed me to withdraw with bank transfer or Skrill, so another plus here.

    To sum up, very good broker, would definitely recommend. Also they are very respected in polish FX community, I dont hear many complaints about them.
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