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Belajar Forex (personal coaching)..only for serius Newbie(s)..RM 100 shj

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  • Belajar Forex (personal coaching)..only for serius Newbie(s)..RM 100 shj

    Assalamualaikum buat semua forrumer dan guests di sini...setelah berurusniaga forex selama 3 tahun, saya decide utk menawarkan pembelajaran forex secara personal "face to face"..

    1 org student shj dlm sesuatu masa supaya boleh lebih fokus. Charge RM 100 shj ::dansa::

    lokasi adalah pilihan student as long as they convenient. Jangka masa is 2 sesi...both are during market open.

    Nota2 akan di beri dan 80% is direct handwritten given during the sessions. Newbie has to re-write back later supaya informations yg di perolehi is "refresh" dan di implikasikan ke dalam "server" masing2...Contoh2 charts adalah berdasarkan live chart displayed on trading platform, during market open.

    selain dr basic trading style...saya juga akan bg additional tools yg sgt usefull in making decision of when to entry dan exit...

    antara perkara yang diajar..

    1.Basic forex in very detail
    (Briefed by taking Examples from the simple living concept of the real world)
    - what Forex Market, what is traded in forex market
    - Which currencies most traded/ How to read FX quote
    - How to determine currency domination
    - Fungsi leverage dan Understanding Margin,Pip, Lot,spread
    - time yg sesuai utk trade

    2.Candlestick Pattern
    - Understanding candlestick base on konsep “Buyers vs sellers”
    - Rejection Candlestick (long top/long bottom shadows)
    - Time Frame Principle (Deep analysis on Daily vs H4 vs H1, then execute order in M15)

    3.Chart Pattern
    (hanya simple briefing shj sbb based on my experience, it is rather unreliable.Candlestick pattern more have significant impact)

    4.Pivot,Support & Resistence
    - Plotting on chart manually (at larger time frame) and automatically
    (via indicators & info provided from analys expert di fxstreet etc.)
    - Understanding price action di zone pivot, supoort n resistence
    - “Resistence become Support - SBR” and Sell di “Support become Resistent”

    - Step by step how to draw trend line to form channel,uptrend, downtrend and triangle formation
    - Rules to trade when price breakout the trendline/channel/triangle formation

    6. Currency Meter Strength (using fx4caster)
    - Combine meter strength dgn price action, Support/resistence dan trendline
    - Understanding concept of “How strong is strong” & “How weak is weak”

    7. Penggunaan konsep buy/sell 28 pairs to determine currency domination and tidak akan ada "IF" when we know which currency is more dominant.
    - How to know when the trend is ending by using this concept?

    7.Technical Analysis yg biasa pakai oleh saya..
    - Stochastic Oscillator
    - Understanding konsep Divergences(stochastic vs price action)

    8. Understanding Market Sentiment
    – Find the keyword through,, and
    - Using Consumer Sentiment Index
    - Analyze news impact from Actual vs Forecast vs previous

    9.Using metatrader
    - placing orders
    - using script, custom indicator and template

    10.Money Management

    - Recommended size of volume yg di guna pakai oleh traders vs standard capital
    - reccomendation on pair selection to trade based on spread cost.

    11.Concept daily average dan pair correlation
    -What is correlation
    -check correlation via and indicator account
    -selection of pairs for multitrading..bukan hedging ya..
    (pair pilihan saya, Euro/USD & Euro/Jpy. Why?)

    12. My Basic Trading Style
    - Initial Explosion trading from channel, wedge or triangle
    - Trading Divergences

    hanya serius newbie shj..

    terima kasih...

    No.Hp : 012-3576124 email: [email protected]


    saya tidak akan mengajar golden techniques yg di jamin untung dlm forex trading.beribu2 teknik dah di revealed dlm market but none of them can guarantee 100% profit. Apa yg saya ajar adalah cara trading saya yg basic (lists down di atas), di mana basic trading style ini adalaj asas dlm development of technicues yg newbie akan jumpa bila menimbu ilmu dgn lebih mendalam di masa hadapan nnti. Rate of success however is highly depending on emotions.

    Disclaimer 2

    Saya akan bg additional tools yg valuable utk memberi extra confirmation (indirectly confident) entry bila nak open pos...namun, segala2 nya masih 100% bergantung kepada pemahaman ttg konsep asas yg saya ajar di atas-->pivot, support & resistence-->candle pattern--->currency strength---> intermarket correlation. Segala Additional tools tersebut bukannya signal, tp panduan shaja.
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    Sedikit pengenalan ttg diri saya…

    Kalau u all lihat nickname saya “cottage”, mmg ramai yg tak kenal..sebenarnya ini adalah multinick saya..permanent nickname adalah satu nama yg saya percaya, kamu pernah kenal di forum sebelah..insyaallah,siapa yg belajar ngan saya nnti, saya akan introduce siapa saya bebenornya

    Saya tak berminat nk attached account history..namun, saya akan meng "screen shot" active workspace saya (live n demo) dari semasa ke semasa spnjg saya active di sini...(boleh rujuk few attachments di neighbourhood kalau nak lihat performance saya)

    Pengalaman saya--> mula2 kenal forex pada december 2007. Masa tue, tgh plan cari sumber income lain sbb dah boring jual unit trust public mutual. Yerlah, asyek buat cold calling, jumpa prospect, belanja teh tarik, last2 tak melabur pun...tambahan pula, krisis subprime hit me very income..and i resigned from public mutual then..

    Modal pertama forex..USD 1000...belajar sendiri dgn e book kuasa forex, baby pips dan attend few kelas forex...mula trade live after few months shj sbb menyedari, trade demo takder element emosi...jadi, terus hands on exposure. bulan pertama dan kedua, sustain 50% return...pernah loss dlm trade hanya cut loss..jumlah floating terbesar, 500USD..menggigil buang duit RM 1.5K++, click mouse..MM hancur dan trade membuta tuli based on indicator shj..After that, saya back to real basic..cuma tambahkan element understanding market, mula baca stories di, bloomberg (breaking news), dailyfx, actionforex sambil rajin2 watch CNN dan BBC news di Astro. Forexfactory hanya check schedule ajer.

    Trading style saya very basic..understanding market sentiment dan segala2 yg saya ajar dlm silibus di atas. That's y hanya utk newbie...serius newbie..otai2, masta2, tak perlu lah..alhamdulillah..hasil trade forex la nie adalah hasil dr pengalaman pahit..i trade for living utk retirement, education plan utk anak dah cukup without apply loan asb.

    saya akan sentiasa update trading style saya di sini..insyaallah selepas saya trade..masa saya trade hanya sehari sekali..saiz lot bergantung kepada how good market it is that time...:)

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      Article yg ada kaitan dgn risk aversion today...all stock market drops...USD and JPY being safe heaven today... (understanding market sentiment)

      G20 Fissures-eerily Reminiscent of the 1987 Crash Print E-mail
      Daily Forex Fundamentals | Written by Saxo Bank | Jun 29 10 12:26 GMT
      G20 Fissures-eerily Reminiscent of the 1987 Crash

      Nick Beecroft, Senior Foreign Exchange Consultant

      On 'Black Monday', Monday, October 19, 1987, stock markets from Hong Kong to the US crashed, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) dropping by 508 points to 1738.74 (22.61%).

      Those were nervous times; in the weeks preceding the crash the markets had become increasingly concerned about the deterioration in macro-economic indicators, including the US trade deficit and inflation, (uncomfortably high), and the dollar was disturbingly weak, implying imminent increases in US interest rates. US Treasury yields also seemed to be on the point of exploding, but perhaps the straw that broke the camel's back was US Treasury Secretary James Baker's comment over the weekend to the effect that the US would drive the dollar down further, (to address the burgeoning trade deficit), unless the Germans changed their monetary policy, halting interest rate increases, which he believed were stifling growth and causing excessive Deutsche Mark strength.

      This very public policy rift between the politicians and central bankers of West's largest economies was extremely unnerving for already febrile markets.

      The parallel with the present day is obvious and perhaps very disturbing; i.e. the major rift that was apparent at the recent G20 meeting, with the US cautioning against excessively brutal and precipitate austerity measures and almost unanimous opposition from the nineteen other countries present, who displayed the characteristic zeal of new converts, in this case to fiscal probity.

      Moreover, the debate also rages at the very heart of the Obama administration, with Budget Director Peter Orszag resigning last week, ostensibly to spend more time with his family, but by all accounts in reality over his concerns at the US budget deficit trajectory, or rather at the lack of urgency shown by the administration in devising a plan to cut same.

      Once again, the main dispute could be said to be between the US and Germany, with the latter intent upon 'hair-shirt' fiscal policies, even though Germany's bunds are still seen as a safe-haven amid Europe's debt crisis, and its budget deficit is a very respectable 60% of GDP.

      The last thing the markets need or want right now is to have to face the possibility that the world's finest economic brains are utterly divided as to the best way to proceed. Yes, as in 1987, these are nervous times, as evidenced by the surge in the price of gold. This time the buyers of gold are not primarily driven by fears of inflation, this time they're just party to an all-pervading fear that something very unpleasant is out there, probably driven by the debt crisis, which has now morphed from a private debt problem to the infinitely more worrying sovereign debt variety-as one commentator put it rather pithily recently, 'who's going to bail us out now the governments have run out of money, the Martians?'

      This time US should be, and indeed is, more afraid of deflation and a strong US dollar. Judging from the Fed's post-meeting statement last week, and previous meetings' minutes, the FOMC is certainly concerned about the possibility of deflation. A strong dollar will do nothing to help President Obama's plan to double exports over the next five years and it will bear down on inflation.

      Right now, the US needs Germany to boost domestic consumption and, as we move further into the second half of this year, the fiscal policy debate between the 'spendthrift' US and 'prudent' Germany/Europe will become ever more heated. Suspicion will grow amongst the usual suspects in Congress that the EU is quietly very happy to see the Euro depreciate massively against the dollar, and soon we will hear strident comparisons with China.

      Expect, at best, lack-lustre equity performance, and continuing safe-haven buying of the US dollar and Treasury bonds or, at worst, a crash.

      Saya lewat OP today...arrow di bawah is tempat saya enter..oleh kerana terlewat, saya hanya guna 2nd akaun utk trade ...amik lot 0.01 as risk prevention measures due tak berani buka lot besar dah kerana lewat masuk market...trend sell is strong or maybe going to an saya short juga ..

      Market uncertain after reaching zone support...namun, oleh kerana faktor risk aversion yg strong..saya still follow the trend dgn short EJ dan EU..dpt la 60++ pips...bersamaan 0.60 cents USD..(lewat masuk OP ) :((


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        Setup regular bullish divergence Class A...proceed buy EU dan EJ kerana berkemungkinan berlaku perubahan trend..still watch out candle pattern-->piercing line di base channel @zone support...

        size hanya 0.01 shj...using live micro account as tak confident dgn kekuatan Euro currency..::dansa::


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          Mixed sentiment trade highly with cautios..After exceed target 20 pips daily..closed, taknak henjut2 lagi

          When pair EU, UJ down, EJ double out candle pattern, bear candle di zone resistence trendline...Sell di resistence (Konsep Support & Resistence) ..UJ pula breakout triangle formation...

          saya enter sell walaupun meter strength FX4caster saya menunjukkan Euro still decision is solely on volume shown by Candle pattern..It never lies...::dansa::

          EU H1

          UJ H4

          EJ H4


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            EU break trendline...proceed buy...USD weak...part of the breakout strategy yg common..

            Urusniaga forex nie senang kalau belajar bersungguh2 dan praktis..takyah susah2 gerak sana sini, meeting sana sini, submit tender sana sini, apply loan sana sini, meroyan sana sini kalau loan tak approve,MARA tak bg bantuan, tak payah cari pekerja indon , tak payah call org sana sini, atau dan sebagainya...::ketukdinding::


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              Last trades yesterday nite...3 hours after NFP news..Sell di Resistence...watchout candle pattern--->Morning Star---> Market uncertain as buyers exhausted after long term uptrend...bear candle is more than 50% of size bull candle (before spinning top tue)

              Rujuk news di bawah (souce: risk averse dan support entry sell..::dansa::

              Stock Markets Regrouping after Jobs Data

              Fri, Jul 2 2010, 16:27 GMT
              by James Hyerczyk

              U.S. stocks rallied initially after the release of the U.S. jobs report but this may have been because traders priced in a worse than expected private-sector hiring figure. Nonetheless, the private-sector number missed the consensus so this short-fall is likely to lead to selling pressure at some point during the trading session.

              Traders still look a little confused as to what to do with the jobs data. Short-term traders seem to want to rally the market because of technically oversold conditions. Longer-term traders are looking at the bigger picture which leans toward a weaker U.S. jobs outlook for the upcoming months.

              Expect volatility today because of the expected clash between short-term traders and long-term investors. Don’t be surprised by a strong short-covering rally because of oversold conditions and position liquidation ahead of the three-day holiday.

              Like equity traders, September Treasury Bond and Treasury Note traders seem to be searching for something concrete from the jobs report to base their trading decisions. The first reaction was to rally Treasuries following the release of the bad jobs data, but there hasn’t been much of a follow-through to the upside following the initial surge. This muted reaction could be because investors may have already priced in the bad number.

              The U.S. Dollar took a hit this morning following the release of the worse than expected June Non-Farm Payrolls Report. Going into the report, investors were looking for total jobless claims to fall 130,000. The actual number was -125,000.

              More important to investors however was the number of private-sector jobs created. Pre-report estimates were for an increase of 115,000 jobs in the private-sector. The government was expected to say it released about 250.000 temporary Census workers last month. The actual hiring by the private sector was 83,000 jobs. This number was disappointing to traders.

              Today’s bearish report comes on the heels of a rise in weekly U.S. Initial Jobless Claims on Thursday along with a fall in home sales and a weak reading of a key manufacturing index.

              Today’s negative reaction to the Dollar was in contrast to the recent pattern which showed a tendency toward flight to safety buying by investors following weaker U.S. economic news. Traders in the past had treated bad U.S. economic news as a bump in the road to recovery but the recent string of bad news has led investors to believe that a weaker trend is developing in the economy.

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                page 1 dah di edit...tambahan item 12 dlm silibus dan disclaimer no.2 :)


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                  BANK HOLIDAY di USA

                  Market dlm mood indecision... Penuh dgn Bull Trap & Bear Trap..
                  Mgkin menunggu News sblm ada pergerakan:

                  4:00pm EUR Final Services PMI
                  4:30pm EUR Sentix Investor Confidence
                  4:30pm GBP Services PMI
                  5:00pm EUR Retail Sales m/m

                  Dlm keadaan ini, aku hanya jd pemerhati... melihat2 patterns yg mungkin terjadi pd hari esok...sambil membuat post-mortem setiap trade yg lalu...

                  Hasilnya, aspek DISIPLIN masih menjadi benteng penghalang... analisis yg tepat tidak ke mana2 andai kurang disiplin & kurang sabar... entry awal, exit awal... Seperti keadaan sekrg, kesabaran & disiplin menunggu patterns terjadi kdg2 menjadi dugaan terbesar... Entah mengapa, sukar mengikis perasaan INGIN SENTIASA BERADA DLM PASARAN, SENTIASA SERONOK UNTUK OPEN POSITION.... SERONOK YG AKHIRNYA MEMUDARATKAN.... ::dansa::


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                    Semalam US hari nie kembali sambung trade spt biasa...

                    first pos..enter petg tadi ketika Euro strong...candle pattern pierce line atau bull engulfing formed di zone support..

                    2nd post...enter 1 hour tadi...USD weak, break the resistence line...rujuk time frame H1...ini di bantu dgn sentiment risk appetite

                    p/s; utk basic trading style yg saya coach, hanya fokus di time frame H4 dan H1...H4 menunjukkan daily trend dan H1 menunjukkan 4Hour trend...::dansa::


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                      basic trading style yg saya ajar dlm kelas coaching...

                      watchout candle pattern (kena understand candle pattern) di zone support atau resistence versus stochastic...piercing line di zone support..Latest candle is more than 50% of bear candle..sellers dah exhausted (buyers vs sellers)..where buyers came in..::dansa::


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                        Regular Bullish Divergence Setup di H4 utk Pair EU dan EJ...

                        Price membentuk Higher High...Stochastic membentuk Lower Low..Divergence Class A--->perubahan trend adalah kuat..di tambah pula dgn curency USD yg weak...Buy EU dan Buy EJ..

                        Cara coaching saya lebih fokus on how to be konsistent pips..kita tak mengejar kuantiti..kita mengejar kualiti..-->VALUE ::dansa::

                        Chart EU

                        Chart EJ


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                          JPY weak..break the zone resistence and direct upward..di support oleh faktor fundamental (unemployment claims) dan intermarket correlation, saya buy pair Eur/JPY..

                          71 pips using micro account..::dansa::


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                            Pertanyaan dr seorang forummer di forum sebelah ttg basic trading style saya dan trending....(red font) dan jawapan saya di (blue font)..

                            sebgai panduan utk berkongsi bersama dgn guest yg view thread saya di sni...

                            Originally Posted by throttlebody
                            kalau ikut cara bro yg guna common breakout strategy dan trading divergence, time bila paling sesuai utk pos buy atau sell..

                            lagi satu, tgk sumer SS hanya pair EU dan EJ...cara bro hanya sesuai utk 2 pair tue ker?

                            maaf newbie bertanya ..

                            Saya choose EU dan EJ kerana this 2 pair are most similar pattern..EJ cam abang dan EU cam adik. UJ adalah mak...

                            EU weak, UJ weak, EJ weaker vice versa kalau justify these, sila check chart kamu dan check intermarket

                            trading divergence pengalaman saya waktu malam sahaja-->bila trend dah ending.. similar setup will appeared at both charts.

                            p/s: kalau kamu nak belajar ngan saya...di persilakan..saya cuba bagi pencerahan.

                            Originally Posted by throttlebody
                            lg satu soalan dr saya yg newbie dlm forex nie.....minta sifu cottage bg pencerahan sedikit...camna nak indentify trend yg nk exhausted..

                            saya selalu lewat buy/sell..menyebabkan floating...

                            sesetengah trader akan jawap, belajar EW dan fibo...

                            tp bg basic trading style saya...trend could end kalau dia dah tembus 1 atau 2 zone resistence dan zone support..

                            selain itu, rujuk candle size--> kalau size body candle makin kecil di susuli dgn spinning top/doji..dan trend is near ending la tue..


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                              Setup Divergence Class B...price making double bottom, indicator stochastic making a higher high...

                              Just apply konsep asas-->buy di support, sell di resistence -->the real price action is based on candle... pattern never lies-->currency strength hanya lah sbg panduan..bukan signal..Happy

                              Versi Line Chart

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