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Please make sure your subject is in the following format

  • * [WTS] Item Name - Price
  • * [WTB] Item Name - Price
  • * [SOLD] Item Name - Price
  • * [BOUGHT] Item Name - Price

If you are selling something at Rm40, then your subject should be: [WTS] - Something - RM40
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Magnets in our life: their role

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  • Magnets in our life: their role

    Have you ever thought about the magnets role in our life? The thing is that we use them in ordinary life, business, in the enterprises etc. But one of the new directions is electronic magnets. For instance, my neighbour works in a team of company working with the lifting cargo or constructions cranes in such a way. It is very interesting and new for me.

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    Surely, yes, they are very important and necessary for the construction companies etc. Nevertheless, when I found Dimetm there were a lot of possibilities to make sure in the quality of the service. But electromagnets were found the best here. For sure.