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Coming contests information

Contests information: Thank you all users which took a part. We transferred to winners more than 5000 USD. And it's not all!

Soon, we will launch new contests! All that we can say now, future contests will be only for the most loyal users. So, post comments, attract your friends, write articles and etc.
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Please Read Before Advertise

Please make sure your subject is in the following format

  • * [WTS] Item Name - Price
  • * [WTB] Item Name - Price
  • * [SOLD] Item Name - Price
  • * [BOUGHT] Item Name - Price

If you are selling something at Rm40, then your subject should be: [WTS] - Something - RM40
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Pengawal Keselamatan

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  • Pengawal Keselamatan

    Jawatan Kosong (Shah Alam)

    Pengawal Keselamatan

    Kalau ada kemahiran maintenance amat dialukan, gaji akan dibincang

    Gaji Pokok + Elaun + OT
    Ada caruman KWSP + PERKESO

    Berminat sila hubungi 03-5036 6028 / email maklumat peribadi kepada [email protected]