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Model Kit - Gundam

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  • Model Kit - Gundam

    ada tak antara korang yang mempunyai minat dengan model kit gundam? salah satu hobi2 yang mahal la kiranya ni.

    model kit yang paling best ialah perfect grade sebab ada banyak sendi. dan boleh dicustom mengikut kreativiti kita sendiri. tapi harganya mahal tak ingat la. paling murah kalo tak silap aku dekat RM799 la. tapi mmg puas hati la kalo dapat..

    aku pun cuma ada 1 jek model kit gundam ni. tu pun cuma grade biasa jek. harga dah cecah RM150. nak beli yang master grade jek dah dekat RM 200 ke atas. fuhh... pk 4,5 kali beb... tak termasuk dengan die punya cat nak kaler kasik cun lagi tu.

    kenapa minat dengan hobi ni? tak ke membazir? mmg la. tp sbnrnya kepuasan tu datang semasa kita membina model kit ni. masa kecik2 dulu aku selalu berangan nak beli 1 tapi bila umur masuk 23 baru aku mampu nak beli. tu pun sbb ada duit lbh sket hehehehe
    Jom teka gambar dan menang RM150!

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    ape kate kalo ko beli pastu ko bagi adik ko... mesti dia nak tu... kan? hahahaa


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      kat tempat aku model gundam seed destiny si robot justice harga nya 145


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        kat umah aku kat kl ada model gundam seed (freedom) masa tu aku beli harga 370 :)


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          aku nak beli model gundam wing perfect grade :D rege dekat RM 899 tu. tengok aaa nanti kalo ade rezeki lebih sket. mmg aku sambar 1. sebab ayam ni pun tak memasal jek dah terminat plk mende ni. leh aaa sama2 tong2 duit

          Jom teka gambar dan menang RM150!


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            ayam pun minat gak hehehe bertuah korang ni


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              die terpengaruh dgn aku tu :D kalo dah tiap kali kuar aku bawak die gi kedai tu, pastu ade plk member kitorang yg dtg lepak kedai ni, leh layan kepala share2 minat ni, tu yg die pun terminat sekali tu :D
              Jom teka gambar dan menang RM150!


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                camna kalau korang post gambar benda2 tu..baru lain2 boleh terpikat....



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                  aku penah beli model2 gundam nih... takat skala 1:144 dgn 1:100 je...
                  aku beli hat pirate punya. serik dah beli hat original model tapi bukan model gundam, tapi model Apache AH-64 jenama Tamiya. 7-8 tahun dulu model ni dlm RM 50 satu. tapi bila kucing aku tempuh model tu, jatuh berkecai. padahal model USS Kittyhawk yg aku beli brnad tipu, tak pecah pun.

                  p/s- gundam hat aku beli paling mahal pun RM 15 satu utk 1:100.


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                    Originally posted by apect View Post
                    die terpengaruh dgn aku tu :D kalo dah tiap kali kuar aku bawak die gi kedai tu, pastu ade plk member kitorang yg dtg lepak kedai ni, leh layan kepala share2 minat ni, tu yg die pun terminat sekali tu :D
                    mcm kenal je sape yg minat lepak kdai tuh....:dance:


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                      Perfect Grade Strike Gundam 1/60 Scale Model Kit

                      The current Gundam Seed series saw the introduction of the GAT-X105 Strike. This new Gundam technical achievement was the introduction of a “Striker Pack” concept. The Strike Gundam is intended to operate in various configurations through the use of Striker packs, the Aile pack is designed specifically for flight and mobility, the Sword pack is configured with a large anti-ship sword. The Launcher Strike pack is equipped for long range combat with a 350mm gun launcher. The eyes light up with internal wiring and a single LED, and the figure is about 12 inches tall when complete.

                      This very limited Perfect Grade edition is made by Bandai of Japan and comes with a extreme level of articulation and detail. A ball and socket system allows movement in the limbs and torso. This Gundam can shed its outer skin so the inner armature can be admired in all its glory.

                      In this massive Perfect Grade kit attention to detail is astonishing as over 500 pieces are molded in 8 colors, so painting is minimal or not necessary. The Strike Gundam kit includes:
                      - Beam Rifle
                      - Pilot figure in an opening cockpit
                      - Articulated hands include movable fingers
                      - Electric light in head
                      - Extreme Posability
                      - Exploded View instruction sheet visually aids assembly.
                      - Japanese packaging
                      - Glue and Paints not included
                      - For the advanced skill level modeler only
                      - Lights require one CR1220 watch-type battery (sold separately)

                      Prices range:$117.53~$238.44(around RM450~RM904)


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                        Perfect Grade Gundam RX-178 MK-II Titan 1/60 scale

                        It’s not a new model because it’s just AEUG’s Gundam Mk2 Version 2 released last year with a different role-out color. If you crazy about perfect grade model kit, there’s an earlier version of MK-II AEUG. This AEUG version which with white cover, and this Titan version cover by deep blue color.

                        This Perfect Grade Gundam model kits are per-colored and snap together, & made by BanDai Japan so the instructions will be in Japanese. And still they have very clear numbered photos that are easy to follow. Glue or paint is not required to build this MK-II Titan models. It goes perfect after you apply black or grey color marker.

                        The Gundam MkII has many types of renovations. The model has presetted led lights so you do not have to cut the wires like the first 6 perfect grades. The stickers are glossy, although this can be helped by spray painting a coat of clear paint, as this will help match the texture with the stickers.

                        Most likly you will need to paint the circular area on the vulcan pod system red. Also you do need to paint the clear parts with clear green or light neon green. If you are the lucky ones with the Gundam Marker sets this should be no problem.

                        The skeleton is well sturdy unlike the Wing Zero Perfect Grade. Also the plastic mold is nicly done. The cockpit and the head lights up in green with the switch is on. The neat thing about the switch is that it is concealed unlike the original perfect grades.

                        This model does not have any wires connecting from the backpack to the core. The backpack holds the L344 batteries. The Backpack has two prongs or connecters enabling the need of attaching wires to the batery pack. This new model seems to be made for starters.

                        Scale: 1/60. About 13¾”/ 35 cm
                        * 28 plastic runners (dark grey, light grey, black, yellow, red, orange, clear and silvery)
                        * 3 soft-plastic runners (black and dark grey)
                        * 3 springs (2 big, 1 little)
                        * 10 golden chains (6 long, 4 short)
                        * 7 contacts
                        * 12 2×4 screws
                        * 17 2×8 screws
                        * 6 2×8 screws
                        * 2 green leds with relative clables
                        Total: over 800 pieces. 739 of them plastic.
                        Instructions: 2 manuals
                        Decals: One sheet of detailed stickers.
                        Paints/Supplies: 1 screwdriver and two LR43 batteries

                        Prices range:$118.73~$199.99(around RM451.18~RM759.96)


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                          Perfect Grade W-Gundam Zero Custom

                          In the phenomenally popular world of Gundam toys, as in the perennially popular world of model building, a sizable time commitment is not prohibitive. The more involved the project, the more rewarding the experience. And this Gundam, (model number XXXG-00W0 for those of you who are die-hard fans), is involved indeed. It sports armaments of twin buster rifles, two beam sabers, and two machine cannons. The end result, after all that construction, is something that looks like a giant, heavily armed robot warrior with angel wings. Of course, something that looks like a menacing android is nothing new when dealing with toys from Bandai, but somehow this is more rewarding than taking a Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger right out of the package.

                          Specially designed for space combat, the Wing Gundam Zero sports an array of powerful thrusters and can transform into a high-speed “neo bird mode.” It’s armed with beam sabers, pop-up machine cannons in its shoulders, and a devastating twin buster rifle. However, thanks to the Zero System - a unique control system that connects the pilot’s mind directly to the Gundam’s combat computer - the Wing Gundam Zero’s most dangerous and unpredictable weapon is its human pilot.

                          30 plus runners of parts (670 total pieces). About 30 locations secured by metal screws. Two different locations light up on the finished kit (eyes and chest). Full inner mechanism detail on all limbs. Opening panels on the head, chest and more. Fingers are individually-jointed. Comes with two beam sabers and two huge beam rifles. Locking systems provide stability so things don’t flap around like they do on the Master Grade kit. Comes boxed in three separate inner boxes plus a special box that contains the 14 individual “feathers” made from plastic coated thin metal plus the metal joint parts, screws and other goodies. Two separate manuals are included. The first, the INSTRUCTION manual (Japanese Text only) has numerous photos of the kit in various construction steps plus painting guide, history of the unit and the Battle Zero unit, cross sections and an interview with the designer of the kit. The second, the CONSTRUCTION manual has the actual assembly instructions and details. No English text but the diagrams are self-explanatory.

                          This is a very complex model kit. It is not recommended for beginner modelers.

                          Model Number: XXXG-00W0
                          Pilot: Heero Yuy
                          Height: 16.7 meters
                          Weight: 8.0 tons
                          Material: Gundanium Alloy
                          Generator output: 3732 kw
                          Thruster general output: 88150 kg
                          Armaments: Twin Buster Rifle (1), Beam Sabre (2), Machine Cannon (2)
                          Total number of parts: 679: 505 plastic & rubber parts, 138 small screws washers, nuts & small rods, 18 white metal parts, 11 springs and small rigid wires, 4 lengths of flexible electrical wire, 2 small lights and 1 small switch.


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                            Jom teka gambar dan menang RM150!


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                              MG Freedom Gundam

                              MG Wing Gundam Zero Custom (Pearl Mirror Finish)

                              Jom teka gambar dan menang RM150!