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If you are given cheap and exp tires, which would u take ?

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  • [Question] If you are given cheap and exp tires, which would u take ?

    if you know that the price for certain brand of tires expensive, will u still go for it ? I personally think the Michelin tires are expensive yet still so many people buying it. does it really value for money ?
    just survey from different shop and compared the price.
    Michelin Primacy 3 ST - RM450 in Smart Auto, Semabok Perdana, Melaka while
    Yokohama A-Drive - only RM300 in Tee 3 Auto & Tyre Service Sdn Bhd.

    the price for 3ST can buy almost 2 pc of tires for Yoko. what do you think ?

  • #2
    If you ask me, I will definitely go for michelin p3st.
    No doubt the price is a bit higher but there's reason for it.
    Their tyres are really fuel saving and stable in wet condition.
    Totally worth buying for me.


    • #3
      This price is higher that what I expected..mean I don have chance to own it lo..


      • #4
        aiya if you scare expensive but still want good tire, wait promotion like me lo. yesterday i just got this cooler bag after buying 2 tires.::semangat::
        i think only more 100+ is not a problem becos this brand mmg good and can last very long one.


        • #5
          Is a brilliant idea to invest on good tires to avoid keep changing tires in 1 year time!


          • #6
            kind of agree to get better quality tires more than spending to cahnge few times in a year...
            quality worth product is important and michelin is a good choice