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Char koay teow voted best Penang dish in online poll

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  • [TUTORIAL] Char koay teow voted best Penang dish in online poll

    Char koay teow voted best Penang dish in online poll

    GEORGE TOWN: Char koay teowhas been selected as Penang’s best food in an online poll conducted by the state government.
    State Tourism Development and Culture Committee chairman Danny Law Heng Kiang said it was picked as the best out of 20 dishes.
    “More than 200 people took part in the poll conducted via the Visit Penang website from Aug 26 to Sept 30. The shortlisted dishes will be featured in a brochure, “Penang’s 12 Best Foods” soon.
    “The other top rated delicacies are Penang laksa, hokkien mee, cendol, ice kacang, curry mee, seafood, chee cheong fun, popiah, nasi kandar, chicken rice, satay and wantan mee,” he told reporters at the New World Park food court here yesterday.
    However, Law said wantan mee would be replaced with mee goreng, as many of those who took part in the poll were tourists who visited Penang for a day or two, and might not have tried mee goreng.
    “This is just a rough guideline. It does not mean that these are the best 12, as there are many others types of food available here,” he said, adding that the results do not reflect the tastes of Penang’s multracial community.
    He said the state would also be promoting local delicacies at a food fair in Macau and Hong Kong in the next few months.
    “Even a New York Times poll ranked Penang as the second best destination in the world for culinary indulgence.”

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