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Ehoza Upgrade Notice

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  • [IMPORTANT] Ehoza Upgrade Notice

    Ehoza will perform a massive upgrade on Saturday 17th of July 2010 starting from 5pm GMT +8.

    Forum and portal will be closed temporarily. The upgrade will be done in 24 hours period or more.

    What will be upgraded?
    • the latest version of Vbulletin
    • the latest version of ehoza plug in
    • the latest version of Ehoza Point System
    • new look, simple and catchy
    • AJAX function will be return
    • security patches
    • fix bugs and script error

    What will be removed?
    • unused plug in
    • useless features and function

    please be patient while we perform the upgrade and thanx a lot for keep supporting Ehoza

    any news, info or update, can be found here | Facebook
    Jom teka gambar dan menang RM150!

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    version 4.0 ko ? :69:
    Good advice is always certain to be ignored,
    but that's no reason not to give it :67:


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      Originally posted by Ishida Uryuu View Post
      version 4.0 ko ? :69:
      lama x nmpk bro... wohoo.. vr baru... :D
      Suatu Kenangan™
      ~You're a princess, one day you'll be a queen.. You must be strong if you want to be a queen~ArericH.K
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        owh, best nih!!! kene syg lebey lg kat Apect nih::sweetkiss::::inlove:::)):))

        Selamat berjaya!!!::dansa::::dansa::


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          ajax function tu function yang macamana yer boss??.. :D
          Bila ada DropBox siapa lagi perlukan pendrive untuk menyimpan data. :)


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            mintk2 ler ada wat version Ehoza Mobile lak
            mmg gempak abis pasni
            congrat apek upgrade ke v5 plak
            makin tua dh ehoza nih.