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Michaelsoft MAU Diskless System

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  • [SELLING] Michaelsoft MAU Diskless System

    Michaelsoft MAU Diskless System

    The high cost of maintenance staff?
    Maintenance staff on sick leave / did not work?
    Updating the game too long? ?
    Game menu too monotonous? ? ?
    Affect the customer when updating the game? ?
    Michaelsoft MAU System to help you solve all the problems ~! !

    MAU's Features(Diskless + Auto game update + game menu)

    Hi speed BT downloading . outstanding performance ,stable and reliable.
    Support multiple servers sync
    Fully automatic update, need no staff to handle . Reduce workload . Save time . Save money .
    Updating schedule on your choice , no worry about affecting other PC clients
    No need worry about limited download speed or blocked by ISP
    Auto deploy new games with integration DDS game menu
    Support multiple OS (WIN XP , WIN 7 & WIN 10)
    1st grade data center with 2 Gbps upload speed
    24 hours fully automatic update

    Michaelsoft Cybercafe Game Menu

    8 game menu skin interface
    Well organised and easy to navigate and the most stable game menu in Malaysia to date
    Save game function is available to keep track of your game progress
    Auto download new game with integration of auto game Update service
    New online game shortcut auto deploy to game menu via Michaelsoft auto update (MAU) service

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