Does bitcoin lifestyle work?

Does bitcoin lifestyle work?

July 2, 2020 by Martin Sukhor
Does Bitcoin Lifestyle work ?. The definition of the Bitcoin lifestyle in a general sense is a lifestyle because of the Bitcoin phenomenon that is rife among investors and traders. This general term is not only about financial management. But is also to support fundraising activities, music, easy travel, and others. But this article does
does bitcoin lifestyle works

Does Bitcoin Lifestyle work ?. The definition of the Bitcoin lifestyle in a general sense is a lifestyle because of the Bitcoin phenomenon that is rife among investors and traders.

This general term is not only about financial management. But is also to support fundraising activities, music, easy travel, and others.

But this article does not discuss the general definition of Bitcoin Lifestyle. That will discuss the trading algorithm program called Bitcoin LIfestyle.

Bitcoin lifestyle in question is a cryptocurrency trading program that makes money for you by analyzing bitcoin prices using certain algorithms.  The profit gained depends on the volatility and also the performance of the Bitcoin LIfestyle algorithm which works as AI.

Traders will look for the possibility of getting profit from rising or falling prices using the Bitcoin lifestyle application software.

Like Bitcoin Loophole, the Bitcoin lifestyle application is also designed to be used by expert traders to gain insight from big data and place trades.

Using this application allows traders who are not experts to trade with several settings. Then the trade will automatically.

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Bitcoin Lifestyle explained

bitcoin lifestyle appA Bitcoin trader will learn how to do crypto market analysis, especially about the volatility of the rising and falling prices of Bitcoin. But besides trading Bitcoin manually by relying on technical analysis, some traders have tried using algorithmic trading by utilizing automated trading software. One of them is with Bitcoin LIfestyle.

This trading application claims to be able to provide large profits in daily trading. A simple explanation of the application Bitcoin LIfestyle is a trading software designed to be able to trade automatically. By taking historical data on past price movements to predict future prices.

With this Bitcoin LIfestyle software, the user does not have to be an expert in technical analysis. But what must be an important understanding is that Bitcoin Lifestyle is a high-risk trading application.

Similar to forex trading, Bitcoin trading using automatic trading may cause traders to lose money because of transactions that are not as expected. So when trying to use this software you should stay within the golden rule with spent money that affords to lose. Do not use all the savings to invest.

Bitcoin lifestyle better than human trader?

Some opinions state that using an automated trading application can surpass human trader. The reason that makes sense. That the software is able to analyze very large data and execute suitable trades in microseconds.

Bitcoin Lifestyle claims that this application is able to provide a victory of 90 percent. While the best human traders have a win rate of around 70%. Besides that, Bitcoin Lifestyle has used sophisticated technology with artificial intelligence.

With this artificial intelligence, it is possible to read news and trade charts and get trade decisions. Machine Learning is part of artificial intelligence that allows robots to improve accuracy when interacting with data.

Data processing allows Bitcoin Lifestyle to read and interpret the news. And as a result, some traders claim to make a profit without having to make confusing learning.

How does Bitcoin Lifestyle work?

Here the role of Bitcoin LIfestyle is only as trading software. Traders deposit money with Bitcoin Lifestyle. And the deposit will go to the underlying broker.

In this case, it’s very important about broker regulation which is a legal company so that you can make deposits and withdrawals safely and comfortably. Bitcoin Lifestyle is not a financial institution, it is a trading robot. So it is recommended to use a registered and well-regulated broker.

Brokers here that facilitate traders to make transactions with intermediaries of the Bitcoin Lifestyle robot. But make sure the broker platform supports automated trading.

By choosing a regulated broker you have reduced the risk factors caused by the broker. Some brokers even offer 1: 1000 leverage which can increase the profit potential of traders. So it is possible with a lower initial capital but gets a very high profit.

But high leverage can also trigger high risks, and you must understand this. Because of the possibility of dynamic pair movement conditions. can cause harm. The advantage of using Bitcoin LIfestyle is without involving emotions like traders in general.

Greed and fear are two of the most  human trader’s emotion that often messed up a trading plan,

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Bitcoin Lifestyle Dashboard

Traders who have made a registration and deposit process can make software settings through the Bitcoin Lifestyle dashboard. To start trading with this automated system all you have to do is press the live button.

Other settings you can adjust for example about risk. But if you are not willing to change, you can be set as default. After logging in your account you can learn the dashboard thoroughly and understand all the functions available.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Trading Performance

The same is the case with Bitcoin Loophole, which offers high profits in a trading day. Bitcoin Lifestyle claims to be able to make thousands of dollars a day with only a € 500 deposit.

A fantastic offer that can convincingly trade with a high level of profitability. In its campaign Bitcoin Lifestyle can bring ordinary people into millionaires with a deposit of only € 250. By promising an average profit of € 150 per day.

True, one of the automatic advantages of trading is that there are no emotions in it, but apart from that, investors must be wise in investing.

How to trade with the Bitcoin lifestyle

Because this is a software or application that can work automatically, there is no need for special expertise in using this Bitcoin Lifestyle. Like other software that runs on autopilot, after your settings are completed then Bitcoin Lifestyle will run automatically to filter data and make transactions.

The only steps you need to take are the following steps if you want to use the Bitcoin lifestyle.


Visit the Bitcoin Lifestyle site and fill out the form provided. For the registration process you need the following information:

  • Name.
  • Phone number.
  • Email.

After you register, Bitcoin Lifestyle will send a link to your email and also verify your telephone number. It seems that Bitcoin Lifestyle has good security standards that its website has encryption and they have a data protection policy, and they comply with GDPR.


The next step is to deposit. You need at least € 250 to trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle. Using a Bitcoin Lifestyle robot, you don’t need the cost of using a license. Because Bitcoin Lifestyle is a free technology trading system that makes money from commissions as partner brokers.

The deposit method can use Wire Transfer, Visa, Master Card, Neteller, WebMoney, and Skrill. The deposit process is very fast, after you transfer the funds it will immediately be available in the partner broker’s trading account.

So it can be said that Bitcoin Lifestyle is absolutely free to use.


After capital is available in your trading account, then you as a Bitcoin trader might make parameter settings such as stop-loss, daily profit, etc. But if you don’t want to change parameters, you just need to use the default settings.

After all, settings are finished and you run live trading, 24/7, the robot facilitates trading at any time based on the parameters you set.

Which broker used Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is an automated trading software developed by a team of creators or someone expert in building trading robots. Because users are not charged an application fee, the way the designer of the Bitcoin Lifestyle gets to profit from partnership programs with brokers.

Which if the client registers and make the transaction, the partner will get a commission from the transaction. The greater the transaction value, the higher the profit obtained by Bitcoin LIfestyle.

From several broker sources that support Bitcoin Lifestyle are 24Option and UFX.

Benefits of the Bitcoin Lifestyle

Ease of use

It doesn’t require special skills to set up Bitcoin Lifestyle, so this is suitable even for beginners. After you log in to your account dashboard, it will be easy to find settings according to your understanding capacity.

After funding, you can immediately start an automated trade that works day and night 24/7.


To make a withdrawal, you need to fill out a form and proceed with the request. Usually, a withdrawal process takes 24 hours to process your withdrawal.


The Bitcoin market is sometimes dynamic, so trading must maintain an accuracy percentage of 96%. Thus it will generate high profits in the trading period.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Scam or Legit?

This is the most basic question for all Bitcoin traders. Of course, we don’t want to be caught in a network of scam sites. Here what I emphasize first is, trading with margin is a high risk. Even if you believe in the Bitcoin Lifestyle robot, or there are similar ones like Bitcoin Loophole or Bitcoin revolution.

You have to prepare for risk, which means spending money that is ready to lose.

Indeed, if you read a few reviews about Bitcoin Lifestyle, some claim that this is not a scam. But here I am acting very independently. Because although some reviews give not scam statements, they may be part of the Lifestyle Bitcoin affiliate.

If the allegations go there, then it can be said it is a review that is not guaranteed honesty. In the following, I found several pieces of evidence that are in opposition to other reviews. And stated that Bitcoin Lifestyle is a scam.

Scam evidence

When you visit the Bitcoin Lifestyle site, it says “Bitcoin is making people rich”. Such statements and such are the language of marketing in capturing potential victims. However Bitcoin trading is vulnerable to risk, this is the first alert if you want to use this trading robot.

The next proof is the appearance of the Bitcoin Lifestyle site is a cloning of the Bitcoin revolution site.  Look that both have the same appearance. Then it is appropriate for you to be suspicious. And this become second scam alert for you.

Remember that Bitcoin Lifestyle partnered with a broker, so you need to check the broker’s review before continuing investment. Poor reputation will carry out your money. 

And apparently some evidence states that the Bitcoin Lifestyle site is a recycling site scam with a site name that changes. Take a look below the image as evidence.

Bitcoin lifestyle scam evidence

From the information in the picture above, it is clear that there are indications of repeated scams in the same way. And of course the most dangerous is a fake review that makes many people invest in Bitcoin Lifestyle and the like.

Besides that, there is also fake news about the Bitcoin Lifestyle, including by taking the names of prominent figures such as Elon Musk and other artists who can encourage someone to invest because there are famous figures in it.

Should I invest or stay away?

The answer is up to you. Because you own your money and you are free to spend it. If € 250 is just a small amount of your entire wealth, maybe you just want to try. It doesn’t matter if you lose, but it doesn’t make you bankrupt. If successful, it will increase the wealth.

But if € 250 is very valuable, my advice is to hold your money and use it for more important things in your life.

Another alternative is to trade Bitcoin through a regulated broker and get good reviews from genuine users. In this case, TenkoFX is a broker regulated by IFSC Belize which provides crypto accounts.

Bitcoin lifestyles Gordon Ramsay

Celebrity Gordon Ramsay is widely reported to be rich from the bitcoin trade, but it turns out after all the news was traced only hoaxes and untrue. The reporting of Bitcoin investment ads carrying the name Gordon Ramsay is just one of the strategies for scammers to make sales products sellable in the market.

At one fraudulent promotion stated that chef Gordon Ramsay made a profit of £ 13.5 million. Gordon Ramsay’s fake news was confirmed by the Times.

Not only for the promotion of Bitcoin Lifestyle the name Gordon Ramsay is also used on Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Loophole Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin traders, etc. So if likely you find any ads that take the name Gordon Ramsay in a Bitcoin investment, it is a certainty that it is a hoax.

Few step if get scammed Bitcoin Lifestyle

If you feel you have been hit by the Bitcoin Lifestyle scam, you might try the following steps, although this may not work.

    • Bitcoin Lifestyle works with brokers as partners. Check the amount of money you have left at the broker, log in to your account and check.
    • If funds are still available in full, request withdrawals. If the money is gone, contact the broker and ask for a refund because you got scammed.
    • The broker may not return your money because there are no funds in the account, try to tell you will complain to the authorities and ask for a refund of your bank.
    • Another step is to try to contact your bank and ask for a chargeback because you have been scammed.

These steps may not guarantee success but it’s worth trying.

Final thought

The cryptocurrency industry is growing rapidly, in market capitalization there has been a large velocity of money involving.

Bitcoin Lifestyle is not the only automated trading device offered on the network. Bitcoin revolution Gordon Ramsay, Bitcoin Loophole, Bitcoin Evolution, and the like.

Usually, behind the promise of high profits, hidden risks are also equally high. So you can also say this high-risk high return business as well as forex trading.

Although robot trading promises without involving emotions, however, the mechanism of the price movement of Bitcoin is determined by demand and supply.

So that the current data can quickly change in just minutes, if the robot already has an active order, the floating loss may occur.

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