Cryptocurrency news channel

Cryptocurrency news channel

January 6, 2021 by Martin Sukhor
The growth of cryptocurrency that carries blockchain technology is inseparable from the cryptocurrency news channel site which actively presents information about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Even these cryptocurrency news sites are large sites that have high traffic. Every day many users visit the site to get the latest information. Information about cryptocurrency has expanded globally, not
cryptocurrency top news channel

The growth of cryptocurrency that carries blockchain technology is inseparable from the cryptocurrency news channel site which actively presents information about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Even these cryptocurrency news sites are large sites that have high traffic. Every day many users visit the site to get the latest information.

Information about cryptocurrency has expanded globally, not only certain sites that provide information about cryptocurrency, popular news portals such as CNBC, CNN, and sometimes even insert information about cryptocurrency.

Well, on this topic, I will present information about the cryptocurrency news channel. Both from YouTube, Telegram and Twitter and major popular sites.

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Cryptocurrency news channel youtube

Starting with cryptocurrency information from the YouTube channel. Everyone knows that Youtube is a site that contains videos that contain various kinds of content.

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts have also competed to build YouTube channels to present information about cryptocurrency using video media.

The following is information for those of you who are looking for the latest information cryptocurrency news channel YouTube:

Data dash cryptocurrency news channel youtube

The first one I put is the Data Dash. This is a verified channel and has 367 thousand subscribers at press time. Maybe in the future, there will still be more new subscribers who subscribe to the Data Dash youtube channel.

You can get a variety of information through this YouTube channel, especially about Bitcoin, trading analysis, which is presented with the creativity of making slick videos that can complement your knowledge of the world of cryptocurrency.

Even though it is not every day to post a new video, sometimes within a week there are two or three new videos ready to watch. You can enjoy videos about cryptocurrency with varying durations, some are 15 minutes, 9 minutes and some even have an over one-hour duration time.

If you want to subscribe the channel here is @Data Dash channel.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas M. Antonopoulos, he is a fun educator, what is conveyed is easy to understand. If you want to learn about Bitcoin verbally via video, this channel will really help you find what you’re looking for.

The name of this channel is @aantonop, this is a verified channel which at the time of the press has 216 thousand subscribers. This number may still continue to grow as cryptocurrency enthusiasts grow.

Various information about cryptocurrency is presented in English by Anthony with a clear and easy to understand intonation.

You can also leave a comment, just to ask, but maybe Anthony doesn’t reply to your comment. Even so, information on cryptocurrency education through this @aantonop channel is very attractive.

This channel doesn’t upload new videos very often, every day, even new videos are often waited once a week but in a number of videos.

If you want to subscribe the channel here is @aantonop youtube channel.

Ivan On Tech

Ivan On Tech on his channel cover has the slogan All about blockchain for daily videos.

Compared to @aantonop and @Data dash channel, @ivan on Tech has more subscribers. Currently, there are 294 thousand subscribers on this channel, and the uploaded videos have thousands of views on each video.

The channel’s host is Swedish, popular artist Ivan Liljeqvist. It could say this is the most popular cryptocurrency news youtube channel today. Because it talks all about crypto and blockchain, and there are also videos that show with Roger Ver and other crypto popular figures.

There is even a collaboration video with Andreas M. Antonopoulos, entitled Andrean Antonopoulos educated Ivan On Tech.

With enthusiastic expressions, host Ivan invites all viewers to watch videos that discuss all kinds of crypto news. Many uploaded videos have a viewing duration of more than one hour. And this channel very active, most daily video uploaded in the channel.

If you want to subscribe to the channel here is @Ivan On Tech youtube channel.

Altcoin Daily

This channel is not inferior to @Ivan On Tech, according to the channel name, @Altcoin daily is a daily cryptocurrency channel. So that every day there are new videos ready for you to watch and get the latest information about crypto.

The creators behind this channel are brothers Aaron & Austin Arnold. Those who built this channel.

The number of subscribers to Altcoin Daily channel when the press has reached 318 thousand subscribers, and this can still continue to grow as many crypto enthusiasts want to get daily information.

In fact, one recent video uploaded on January 5 has seen more than 52 thousand views in just a day after broadcast. The video also received 33 thousand “likes”

If you want to subscribe to the channel @Altcoin daily channel here.

Box mining

@Boxmining is a channel that talks about various cryptocurrencies. This channel was built by someone who is adventurous in cryptocurrency investing. It is known that he is Michael Gu, a cryptocurrency educator and builder.

However, what is presented is only the views of the creator and not investment advice or solicitation. Because crypto is a volatile asset.

Boxmining is a verified user who has 219 thousand subscribers at press time. This channel is an active channel because almost every day there are new video updates that provide various views, analysis, news about the crypto world.

The length of the video is also classified in a long time because some videos even have a duration of more than one hour. This channel was created since 2017, with total views at the time of the press has reached 10,302,497 views.

If you are interested in cryptocurrency analysis, maybe you can try subscribing to this channel here.

Altcoin BUZZ

@Altcoin Buzz is a channel that has emerged since January 2016, which currently has 216 thousand subscribers. You can watch broadcasts about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins.

Behind the scenes of the video, creators are people who are passionate about cryptocurrency. You can get information and also a weekly analysis of cryptocurrencies, which may be comparable to your own analysis.

Since broadcasting in 2016 until today this channel has had 21,903,232 views.

If you are a cryptocurrency speculator, this channel can provide you with analytical insights that might cause your mind to want to buy Bitcoin.

If likely you felt interested to subscribe cryptocurrency news channel @Altcoin Buzz, here the channel.

The Modern Investor

The modern Investor channel is one of the many cryptocurrency news channel youtube. Even though the subscribers have merely reached 171 thousand subscribers. However, this channel deserves to be a channel to increase your insight into cryptocurrency.

This channel has also been verified and has been joining since 2016. This means that until now this channel has been providing information about crypto for over four years. Currently it has received 31,853,410 x views.

Discussing the development of cryptocurrency news then giving an insight into the news. The Modern Investor channel, featuring daily videos, which hosts this channel often talks about the latest cryptocurrency developments with and provides analysis for its subscribers.

If you felt interested to subscribe @The modern investor and interested to subscribe, you can visit the cahhel here.

Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau is a relatively young channel, as this channel was built since 2019. With a total of 8,467,538 x views. However, it seems that a lot of crypto enthusiasts are interested in this channel.

But even though it is still young, this channel has received a lot of subscribers, at the time of the press the number of subscribers has reached 193 thousand subscribers.

In fact, the number of subscribers has surpassed the older @The Modern investor channel.

A wide variety of cryptocurrency information is presented attractively, it is not surprising that the channel’s growth is growing quite rapidly. And maybe in a few months will get more subscribers.

Reviewing various kinds of the latest news, tips and tricks to stay safe from hacks, and various other interesting information about cryptocurrency.

If likely you felt interested to subscribe @Coin Bureau, here the link.

Lark Davis

Lark Davis channel is a channel that was built since October 28th 2009 with total video views as of the press reached 18,580,601 x views.

Hosted by host Lark Davis who is a New Zealand cryptocurrency investor. He also created a website about cryptocurrency at

Although this channel has been built since 2009, the number of subscribers at press time only reached 169 thousand subscribers.

Even so, the topics presented are many that are interesting for you to watch. In one recent video broadcast, which was uploaded January 5, 2021, in a day, it has reached 43,858 x views, and the number of “likes” is 3.4 thousand.

Maybe you have interested to subscriber to @Lark Davis channel is here.


The next channel to become the cryptocurrency news channel is @CryptO channel. Built-in 2011 but only more active in 2016.

The channel’s host is Omar Bham and is accompanied by El who is a woman. Omar is a Bitcoin investor and has been using it since 2012. So he gets the Bitcoin price when it is low.

Through this channel, he shares his experiences and views about cryptocurrency in a relaxed manner so that you can watch and hear the views of this Bitcoin investor who also entered as an Ethereum miner in 2016.

With a total subscriber of 118 thousand, this channel can be a place where you can get analysis from experienced investors.

This channel does not upload new videos every day, often twice a week, so if you want to watch daily analysis, maybe this channel is not suitable for you.

If likely you interested to subscribe the @CrypO channel here is the link.

Ellio trades crypto

The Ellio trades crypto channel has been broadcasting since January 2018 and has received 6,800,538 views as of press time. Even though it doesn’t have a verified channel badge, it has managed to get 130 thousand subscribers.

This channel is very active even in a day sometimes can upload videos twice. The information presented is also very interesting, with a short video duration of about 6 to 10 minutes. You can watch a wide variety of views on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Maybe you interested to watching and subscribe the @Ellio Trades crypto, here is the link.

Bob Loukas

Bob Loukas is a trader who focuses on the gold and Bitcoin market, but also covers US equities, forex and oil. Having more than 25 years of experience as a trader made him want to share his experiences through the YouTube channel that was built since 2013.

Until now, the statistics for @Bob Loukas’ channel have reached 1,017,643 views. With a total subscriber of 40.9 thousand subscribers.

However, this channel is not an active channel where every day uploads new videos, instead of uploading daily videos, even once a month new videos are rarely available.

So there aren’t many videos to choose from, but you can still learn from Bob Loukas’ experience. The channel’s last video at press time was uploaded on 20 November 2020 and get 27.289 x views and 2.9 thousand “like”

If likely you interested to watch the video and subscribe the @Bob Loukas channel here is the link.

Cryptocurrency news channel twitter

Besides the YouTube channel as a source of cryptocurrency news, you can also find information related to cryptocurrency on the cryptocurrency news channel Twitter.

Many Twitter users are crypto and blockchain developers, you can follow crypto players and read their tweets. Some of the cryptocurrency news channels on Twitter are:

Cryptocurrency News Channel on Twitter

The cryptocurrency news channel twitter has 2,726 Followers and has posted 5,970 Tweets.

Through Twitter they often share YouTube videos, this account also has its own YouTube channel and has 32 thousand subscribers.

Cointelegraph cryptocurrency Twitter channel

If you are a cryptocurrency fan, you must have visited the popular site Various kinds of daily information about crypto are posted on the big site.

But you can also follow @Cointelegraph on Twitter. 

Cointelegraph’s account on Twitter currently has 577.4K followers, with a total of 40.5k tweets. You can follow this account to get updated cryptocurrency information via Twitter.

Crypto coin news

Crypto Coin News with the nickname @TodayCrypto is an account that actively shares information about cryptocurrency via Twitter channels.

Joining Twitter since 2017, @TodayCrypto currently has 16.2K Followers. Even if you don’t actively tweet daily information, you can still find old content for you studied.

Request network

Even though it’s not as active as Cointelegraph, you can still get cryptocurrency information even though it’s not on a daily basis.

@RequestNetwork has currently reached 39.5K Followers with 297.8K Tweets.  The reviews presented come from various website sources, and you can subscribe to the channel to get information about crypto.

Crypto news telegram channel

Most crypto enthusiasts already have a telegram application on their smartphone. And many of them have subscribed to information about crypto via telegram channels. Here are some crypto channels on telegram:


Decenter’s Telegram channel has 65 718 members involved in it. Information presented about the latest news, interviews, ICO reviews and educational.


Cointelegraph is not only popular with its official website and also a YouTube channel, they also provide a telegram channel for cryptocurrency fans.

With more than 4880 members. This channel provides a variety of cryptocurrency information, breaking news, expert opinions, polls and even cryptocurrency exchange rates.

ICO speak news

ICO speak news telegram channel has 360 135 members at press time. This is the community site that provides information on various ICOs, CEOs, Defi Reviews, Signals, Airdrops, Blockchain News. Token Sale, Marketing, and Consulting.

This channel comes from crypto character Roger Ver who owns the site. At the time press, this channel had 34 968 members. Presenting a variety of information on the latest news, analytics and press releases.


Unfolded has 26 131 members and provides information on the latest crypto news & market insights.


Cointrendz is the main channel of, which currently has 11 894 members, providing information on Crypto Market Data Insights, Market Activity, News, Events & more.

Crypto room

Crypto room is a place for crypto traders which currently has 4 926 members, with an average of 500 active members. You are free to discuss with fellow traders and share trading strategies, news and technical analysis in crypto.

Channel News Asia cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that works globally, including in the Asian region which has grown very rapidly. South Korea is a country that has a high volume of crypto transactions. Indonesia also started to grow with the emergence of the Indodax exchange.

Various sources of information, especially in the Asian region, can access sites such as which not only provides crypto news but also forex and stocks.

Or you can also access the site where this site is not only about crypto but all news in the Asian region.

Top sites news cryptocurrency

The rapid growth of blockchain technology as well as cryptocurrency cannot be separated from the role of crypto news sites that are always updating the latest news about the growth of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The following are some of the most popular cryptocurrency news sites today.


CoindeskCryptocurrency news channel founded by Shakil Khan, first launched and start publishing in 2013, has been providing cryptocurrency information for seven years. Shakil Khan is a Bitpay investor, was subsequently acquired by Digital Currency Group.

Digital Currency Group is founded by Barry Silbert.

One of the Coindesk editors is a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation Jon Matonis, who joined in September 2013. This site always updates the latest articles about blockchain and cryptocurrency every day.


Cryptocurrency news The next top cryptocurrency news site is Cointelegraph. First launched in 2013 with co-founder Toni Lane Casserly. However, it is reported that she is now dead 14 April 2020, citing from Newyork Post on April 20, 2020. He died at the age of 29, which is still a young and productive age.

Even though the founder of Cointelegraph has passed away, the site is getting bigger and every day it is always updated with the latest news. The unique thing about the Cointelegraph site is that the featured image always uses an attractive cartoon image.


Cryptocurrency news channelNewsBTC was discovered by Mike Smith, who also serves as a publisher at NewsBTC based in the London England United Kingdom.

Launched in 2013, it has 11 team members involved in it. Various kinds of information can be found on NewsBTC, news, education, analysis, trading courses etc.

With a team of 11 people, this site is always updated information every day. The CEO is Jonathan Millet and other members with a different division.


bitcoinistBitcoinist is owned by Robert Nadoki, who also serves as the company’s CEO. Based in Budapest Hungary, Bitcoinist is a cryptocurrency news channel site that provides updated information about crypto, especially Bitcoin, recent prices, and analysis.

Launched in 2013, Bitcoinist has more than a dozen authors, contributing to sites with more than two million visitors per month.

Bitcoin Magazine

cryptocurrency bitcoin magazineBitcoin Magazine, a cryptocurrency news source that is also very interesting, on the home page there is a video pinned to the top page. The bottom column is the latest article which is the latest published article.

Found by the co-founders Vitalik Buterin and Mihai Alisie as well as several other members.

You can find articles and guides on Bitcoin, with experienced writers there are many freelance writers, and you can even contribute as a writer if you meet the requirements. You can find on the bottom page and click the link “write for us” to read the rules.

Today On Chain

todayonchainToday on Chain is a site as an aggregator of several resources such as Coindesk, Cointelegraph, CryptoNews, NewsBTC and so on. You can choose which sources are interesting for the news presented. So don’t be surprised if every hour the latest updates from certain resources will appear.

Although it does not specifically conduct analyzes, this site also provides cryptocurrency information in a complete table with prices, market capitalization and charts.

Bottom line

The growth of cryptocurrency is undoubted, many large investors have even allocated their funds to digital crypto assets.

In fact, reportedly Tesla is also allocating investments in cryptocurrency, meaning that this has become the target of high-class investors because of its potential in the future.

Especially for Bitcoin, this is the first digital currency, although its successor claims to be better than Bitcoin, in fact, the value of BTC is getting higher this year.

The cryptocurrency news channel above comes from various reference sources summarized in one article.

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