Cryptography and network security

Cryptography and network security

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April 8, 2020 by Martin Sukhor
Cryptography and network security, we often read about the term cryptography, especially after the mushrooming use of blockchain technology in crypto digital currencies. This includes security systems in a blockchain network. But what exactly is cryptography? what is the role of network security? Simply put Cryptography is the science of encryption techniques. Where “original text”

Cryptography and network security, we often read about the term cryptography, especially after the mushrooming use of blockchain technology in crypto digital currencies. This includes security systems in a blockchain network.

But what exactly is cryptography? what is the role of network security?

Simply put Cryptography is the science of encryption techniques. Where “original text” will generate randomly using an encryption key.

The purpose of the encryption is to make “random text that is difficult to read” by others that do not have a decryption key.

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What is cryptography?

Cryptography is actually a term from the Greek language by combining Greek words, namely Kryptos and Graphein.

Kryptos means hidden or secret, while Graphein means writing.

So the meaning of cryptography literally is to write in secret to convey messages that feel need to be kept confidential.

The main purposes of this knowledge are to carry out various communication efforts. Between individuals or groups safely without the presence of other parties. Or the interference of third parties as intruders.

Cryptography has another understanding.

This is a science of encryption technique of the original text (plaintext) which is encrypted using an encryption key so that the original text is turned into a text that is difficult to read (ciphertext) by those who do not have a decryption key.

Cryptography develops along with technological advancements.

According to the timeline, cryptography can be divided into two understandings, namely

  • Classic cryptography.
  • Modern cryptography.

Both of these understandings depend on the use of analytical tools and cryptological message makers.

Classic cryptography

Classic cryptography in its manufacture and analysis does not involve a computer or a machine.

In classic cryptography only uses tools such as paper, pens, stones, and other tools that are not a group in modern tools at all.

The distinctive feature of classical cryptography is that it is basis more on characters. Both the written character and the character of the message being conveyed.

Another feature is the use of tools that are still fairly traditional because at the time of their appearance they were not familiar with computers.

All cryptographic algorithms (chipper) of classical cryptography are included in a cryptographic system that has a symmetrical system.

The encryption techniques in classical cryptography are all the same as the encryption key.

That is, to understand a hidden text can be done in the same way as when the text was created.

Modern cryptography

Modern cryptography is an improvement that refers to classical cryptography.

In modern cryptography, there are various kinds of algorithms that are intended to secure information sent over a computer network.

Modern cryptographic algorithms generally operate in bite mode rather than character mode (as is done in the substitution cipher or transposition cipher of the classical cryptographic algorithm).

Operation in bite mode means all data and information (both key, plaintext, and ciphertext) are expressed in the binary string, string 0, and 1.

The encryption and description algorithm processes all data and information in the form of bit mode.

The series of bites stating the plaintext is encrypted into ciphertext in the form of a series of bites, and vice versa.

Modern encryption is different from conventional encryption. Modern encryption already uses computers for its operation. Meanwhile functioning to secure data is transfer over computer networks or not.

This is very useful for protecting privacy, data integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation.

The development of modern bit-based cryptographic algorithms was driven by the use of digital computers that represent data in binary form.

The modern cryptographic algorithm consists of three group

  • Symmetric Algorithm.
  • Asymmetric Algorithm.
  • Hybrid Algorithm.

Symmetric Algorithm

The Symmetric algorithm is an algorithm that uses the same key for encryption and description.

Symmetric cryptographic algorithms are often saying secret key algorithms. Single key algorithms, or one key algorithm and require the sender and receiver to agree on a key.

The advantages of symmetric cryptography are the processing time for encryption and description is relatively fast.

This is due to the efficiency that occurs in key generators.

So the process is relatively fast so this algorithm is right to use in digital communication systems in real-time such as GSM.

Asymmetric Algorithm

Asymmetric algorithms are cryptographic key pairs, one of which is to use for the encryption process and another for description.

Everyone who gets a public key can use it to encrypt a message, while only one person has the secret, in this case, the secret key, to unload the code sent to him.

An example of a well-known algorithm that uses asymmetric keys is RSA (which stands for the name of its discoverer, namely Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman).

Hybrid Algorithm

A hybrid algorithm is an algorithm that utilizes two key levels, namely a secret key (symmetry).

This is also as a session key for data encryption and a secret key pair is a public key for assigning digital signatures and protecting symmetric keys.

History of Cryptography

Cryptography and network security, Cryptography according to historical records have existed since the heyday of Greece or approximately around 400 BC.

The tool used to make hidden messages in Greece at that time was call as Scytale.

Scytale cylinder-shaped rod with a combination of 18 letters. In Roman times, under the rule of Julius Caesar.

The use of cryptography was increasingly intense because of the consideration of the stability of the country.

Although the technique used is not as complicated as Greek.

But to understand cryptographic messages from Roman is quite difficult to do.

Based on the historical aspects of cryptography above, both classic and modern cryptography both have a great common principle and are not the most important anymore, namely security.

That is the service that cryptography provides regardless of the period in which it was made.

Through cryptographic security services, various important texts are very secure in confidentiality and authenticity, so that both parties can trust each other.

Cryptographic Algorithm

The algorithm itself has a meaning as steps or methods that are arranged systematically.

When placed on ‘cryptography’, the meaning of the cryptographic algorithm is a logical step to hide messages.

There are three basic functions in cryptographic algorithms, including; encryption, decryption, and keys. Encryption means the process of hiding message data, changing plaintext into ciphertext.

While decryption is the opposite of encryption, it aims to understand the existing message. And the key is the technique uses for encryption and decryption.

At the level of modern cryptography, cryptography does not have to be large and go through stages that are difficult to understand.

Even in the modern era, cryptography can be present in a portable way, as well as applications that use cryptography.

An application made for cryptography means a program that allows for encryption and decryption when carrying out the process of securing a message in desktop or mobile data.

Cryptography and network security

The use of this cryptographic application makes the security of the device in layers.

For someone who intends to open the device, must pass through a series of keys to secure the device.

Someone who uses cryptography in an application clearly has a very high level of privacy.

For the sake of confidentiality over privacy, applications that use cryptography are considering important to use.

The existence of a multilevel layer of security will make people who have bad intentions run out of patience when dismantling.

There are tons of applications that provide cryptographic services each application is using with cryptographic devices.

For example, WhatsApp and Telegram applications or blockchain technology.

Both of them secure users through encryption keys that are quite complex and tight for the sake of preserving the user’s privacy.


1. What are cryptography and network security?

Cryptography is secret writing.

It is the science of hiding the meaning of data so that only certain parties can understand the content of the transmission.

This preserves the user’s network security

2. What is information security in cryptography?

Encryption is a technology that makes it possible to implement computer security.

Information security uses cryptography to convert information that can use into a form that makes it unusable by anyone other than the user having authority.

3. What are the cryptographic principles?

The core principles of modern cryptography are data confidentiality, data integrity, authentication, and non-rejection.

Confidentiality refers to certain rules and guidelines that run under a confidentiality agreement that ensures that the information is restricted to certain people or places.

Final thought

Cryptography and network security in its application are very important to guarantee privacy security.

Cryptography technology has been widely using and apply to various applications and technologies.

Like Whatsapp which has now become a common application in the community.

It also applies cryptography to create encrypted messages so that only people associated with the message can read them.

On the website, we also know that the address of Http and Https has different security.

https uses encryption for the security layer compared to Http.

Blockchain technology also uses cryptography in its network.

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