Crypto Securities Exchange (CSX)

Crypto Securities Exchange (CSX)

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April 24, 2020 by Martin Sukhor
Crypto Securities Exchange (CSX), is a new stock exchange institution whose entire system is based on blockchain technology. The emergence of blockchain technology which later became a developing ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. Such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and the like. Growing continues to be a new phenomenon in the world, making a number of parties

Crypto Securities Exchange (CSX), is a new stock exchange institution whose entire system is based on blockchain technology.

The emergence of blockchain technology which later became a developing ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. Such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and the like.

Growing continues to be a new phenomenon in the world, making a number of parties have shown a ban given.

Because of the potential for the use of cryptocurrency to support various illegal transactions.

But there are those who try wisely by separating blockchain technology as a current recording system with cryptocurrency practices as a form of product that utilizes it.

And among those who see other benefits of utilizing blockchain technology are the United States (US).

They will launch the CryptoSecurities Exchange (CSX), which is the world’s first blockchain-based stock exchange.

The exchange is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is under the new Delaware state crypto securities law.

Later, shares can be digitally transferred and transferred through a list of shareholders distributed on a blockchain-based private network.

Citing from the official site of the multimedia press release

CryptoSecurities Exchange LLC is ready to realize the trading exchanges in the United States of America which were first based on the blockchain through its own, transparent, and code-regulation settings.

crypto securities exchange

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What is the crypto securities exchange?

crypto securities exchange logoCrypto securities exchange is a secure exchange that offers transparently, code regulation, and is base on blockchain technology.

In the bid, it will make it easy for any company to digitize its list of shareholders and put it in the crypto securities exchange network.

This exchange will handle everything for entrepreneurs and companies.

From financial data, quarterly reports, legal compliance, tax filing, accounting compliance, etc.

Thus entrepreneurs and companies will be able to focus on what they do best.

This exchange offers to collectively “click on the upgrade button” in moving the stock exchange to a transparent network that is all regulated by code using blockchain technology with a distributed system.

This will use digitally replaced paper in the past.


  • Dr. John Anthony Castro as a Chief Strategy Officer.
  • Mo Iqbal as a Chief Technology Officer
  • Joshua Scott Milam as a Chief Legal Officer
  • Alfonso I. Garza as a Chief Operations Officer
  • Ishmael Garza as  Chief Marketing Officer
  • Abraham DeLuna as a Chief Human Resources Officer

Platform CSX

CSX platformCryptoSecurity exchange offers a blockchain technology platform by digitizing stock and creating a list of distributed shareholders in a blockchain-based technology network.

Thus it will eliminate the need for brokers, clearinghouses, and legal guards.

With a distributed integration system that puts financial and transactional data into the network in real-time.

The code management system will immediately identify and confirm situations involving insider trading, accounting fraud, and market manipulation.

With existing securities laws and regulations built together within the framework of the code itself, this makes for a fully self-regulating exchange that has effectively ruled out the possibility of human intervention.

In addition, the accuracy of the code framework creation to ensure that regulations do not function as unnecessary barriers to accessing public capital.

How Crypto securities exchange work

In its working concept, CSX believes the principles of transparency and simplicity of the system owned by the blockchain.

It will be able to simplify entrepreneurs’ access to the capital market while also minimizing the potential for fraud. CSX technically will encrypt shares that will be trading into digital form.

That way, the stock transaction process will be much easier and simpler because it only needs to be transferred electronically.

Through a list of shareholders that had previously been distributed on a blockchain-based private network.

This concept also seems to answer the complaints of a number of parties related to the issue of high trading costs in the conventional capital market.

This is thought to be the reason for some investors to transact outside the stock (over the counter / OTC) rather than officially transacting in the stock exchange.

At the very least, the cheapness of digital stock transaction activity on the blockchain platform can be seen from the transaction scheme that directly connects share buyers with previous shareholders.

Thus, there will be no more consulting activities with securities consultants (SC) and brokers who in the conventional trading system act as intermediaries for transactions.

Not only that, but the clearinghouse and custodian institutions will also no longer be needs.

In other words, some of the roles mentioned above will ‘disappear’ along with doing a stock transaction via the blockchain platform.

With fewer roles involved in a transaction, transaction costs can certainly be more efficient.

Crypto Securities exchange Legality

This exchange has been registering with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Crypto Securities Exchange has submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission the possibility of selling the interests of a Limited Partnership.

Crypto Securities Exchange has also registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) as a Regulated Money Services Business.

Besides that CryptoSecurity Exchange has also been registering in the state of Delaware as a Member-Managed Limited Company.

In addition, the CryptoSecurity Exchange formed SuperPAC to lobby Congress with the aim of passing CryptoSecurity federal legislation to fully enhance our financial markets to the digital age.

Also, CSX has obtained and disclosed the Federal Employer Identification Number (EFIN) from the Internal Revenue Service.

Work with one of the leading international tax law firms in the United States to ensure compliance with all tax laws, regulations, and regulations.

Career opportunity

This company is still quite new and they are still in the stage of business and network development.

They are looking for people from Securities Attorneys, former SEC regulators, former stock executives, forensic accountants, IP lawyers, software engineers, and blockchain developers.

Offering a market salary with an employee benefit program.

Working at a place or remotely, if you belong to one of the search criteria you can send tickets to this exchange before this opportunity is closed.

CryptoSecurities Exchange, LLC
Dr. John Anthony Castro, +1-844-627-9786
[email protected]


As a company that has a vision and mission, they also publish whitepapers, written by Dr. John Anthony Castro as the author of the 82-page visionary White Paper for CSX.

In pdf format with 83 pages, the whitepaper is an introduction to CSX and reveals several things related to blockchain, shares, and some of them.

Also, he wrote about ICO and also legal company documents, to further read the whitepaper you can download it on their official site here.


As a relatively new company, they still need a lot of time to develop the network.

And the concept of this exchange is to digitize exchanges using certain code rules and reduce human hand intervention in transactions.

Of course, this is a job that is not easy for them but will provide transaction efficiency which is one of the reasons investors choose to trade over the counter rather than coming directly to the exchange.

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