Reasons for work from home

Reasons for work from home

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April 16, 2020 by Martin Sukhor
There are several reasons for work from home. Especially now that the global pandemic coronavirus is in a state where many governments provide advice for work from home. Indeed several professions can do work from home. But many professions cannot work from home, forcing them to do work outside the home. This paper will discuss

There are several reasons for work from home.

Especially now that the global pandemic coronavirus is in a state where many governments provide advice for work from home.

Indeed several professions can do work from home.

But many professions cannot work from home, forcing them to do work outside the home.

This paper will discuss a few things about work from home.

What are the reasons that make work from home enjoyable and many new generations now prefer to work from home?

The digital world has grown rapidly so that some work can be done everywhere or commonly known as remotely.

Work from home gives more time freedom and is also more effective because we can do work anytime.

Although work from home still has a negative stigma by parents, work at home has good benefits and can increase productivity.

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 Why people start work from home (WFH)?

During global conditions that according to JP Morgan is a bad recessionJP Morgan Talk Coronavirus because of coronavirus.

The terms work from home is increasingly popular, because many heads of state instructed to work from home, worship from home to prevent the spread of coronavirus in their country.

This is the main reason when a pandemic coronavirus is rife in many countries because many people are forced to work from home as a result of social distancing policies.

For those who are new to how to work from home, you may still need to adjust to how to use digital technology to complete work from home.

But for those who are used to using digital technology, this is not a problem because they are already able to operate the equipment.

But some people choose to work from home because there are other reasons not because they are forced to work from home.

One of the reasons for some of these people is that they are not well suited to noisy office conditions and have difficulty concentrate on finishing work.

Working at home has a good advantage where working at home is quieter than in the office.

Of course, this will increase work productivity so that all work will be completed faster.

Reasons for Working from Home Increases Productivity

There are reasons why you become less productive when doing work in an office where one of the causes is your co-workers who might invite you to chat so that your work becomes neglected.

So that the time that was due to complete the work becomes late and hampered.

If you are among those who have difficulty concentrating, working in the crowd will make you less productive because it is disturbed by the noise from work colleagues.

The following are some reasons for working from home to increase productivity.

Reducing Stress Levels

With work from home, someone certainly has more free time and apart from the pressures that sometimes become a burden in the office.

With work from home can reduce one’s stress levels and make it more relaxed because it does not deal directly with the boss or coworkers.

A relaxed and comfortable home atmosphere makes us more productive to work and more quickly get work done.

You can also prepare a cup of coffee to refresh your mind to complete your work.


With time flexibility at work, the benefits of working from home can also make us healthier.

Because the time is flexible without having to be busy going to the office, we can manage our exercise time anytime and anywhere, even we can also do sports at home using Gym equipment such as rowing machines.

Imagine if you work in an office, so early in the morning when you wake up you have to prepare everything to go to the office.

Especially if you wake up late, the rush will make you uncomfortable.

Instead of thinking about sports time, you might lose a lot of time traveling from your office to your home.

Reducing Expenditures

With work from home, of course, you don’t need to buy clothes, the latest make-up often if you are a woman.

Don’t even have to hang out often at famous cafes that can make your wallet scream because you have to spend more money.

Work from home helps us learn to sort which needs are desires.

You can learn to cook by buying vegetables or meat at a market near your home or waiting for the vegetable seller to come to your house to subscribe to save money per day and save the rest for the future.

Avoid traffic jams

One of the things that can create stress if working to the office is a trip to the office that is jammed and wasted time.

Imagine if you are in the city center and your office is quite far from home.

How long will it take you to get to the office, even if the trip is stuck, it can take up to two hours to get to the office?

If you go to work and go home again it will spend an average of 4 hours a day.

If you work from home within 4 hours you might be able to complete one monthly report.

Develop Your Ability

Besides focusing on work, work from home can also focus on yourself.

Work from home provides flexible time, so you can at the same time deepen and enrich your other abilities.

Sometimes, working in an office is very difficult to develop because it is too focused on work matters that eventually forget yourself.

When your work is done, you can do other things that are useful to develop your abilities in other fields, you can create a work schedule and time for personal development.

Flexible working time

Maybe you prefer to do work in the morning because your mind is fresh enough, or you prefer to work at night when silence makes you comfortable.

With work from home, you can set the work rhythm that suits you. You can adjust productivity flexibly.

Disadvantage work from home

Although work from home provides many benefits for work time efficiency, there are also disadvantages.

Because you can work alone, then maybe your social life is not so interesting.

Because you rarely meet neighbors, friends or anyone, so there aren’t many stories with them.

Or if you still have children under five years, maybe your time will be taken up for them, but you must be good at looking for opportunities to work when your children are asleep.

Not all types of work can be done from home, so to be able to start working from home, you must choose the type of work that suits your abilities and can be done from home.

A driver may not just work from home, because they have to go on a trip for the passenger.

A farmer he must go to the rice fields because it is impossible to bring his rice fields to home.

What types of work can be done from home?

As we know that not all types of work can be done from home, or remotely, so if you have the desire to work from home, you also have to look at your abilities.

Are you a person who can take advantage of the type of work that can be done from home, if not, you will also have difficulty getting work that can be done remotely.

The following are just a few lists of types of work that can be done remotely.

  • Freelance Writer.
  • Influencer.
  • Content Creator.
  • Blogger.
  • Virtual Assistant.
  • Graphic Designer.
  • Translator.
  • Animator.
  • Online Entrepreneur.
  • Marketing Expert online.
  • Online teacher.

What company allows work from home?

The list above is the type of work that can be done from home.

Next, the question may arise, how to find companies that allow work from home.

The following are some examples of companies that allow work from home.

This site is very popular, is a site that contains info about freelance jobs offered.

You can compete by offering your services at the price you specify.

If you win the project, you will be paid according to the price agreed from the beginning after the work is completed.


Who says someone who is an expert in the world of IT, project management, and biotechnology cannot work at home?

The company is recruiting positions in research, project management and IT for biotechnology and medicine that will be used as scholarships throughout the world.

Demand Studios

If you like writing and want to continue practicing writing, maybe Demand Studios is perfect for you.

Here the author will be assigned to write a variety of content that will later appear on,, and other sites.

The author will be given a fee in accordance with a fixed rate or profit-sharing.

Appen Butler Hill

Maybe some of you are familiar with this company name.

Appen Butler Hill opens vacancies for translators, researchers, and evaluators of search tools on the internet who are able to work at least 4 hours per day.

You are also free to work from anywhere and anywhere.

The average fee given by Appen Butler Hill is around the US $ 14 per hour.

Forex trading

If you are someone who has big ambitions, you can become a professional trader.

Forex trading is one type of business that can be done from home, you only need knowledge, and trading platform equipment.

However this is a high risk, you might lose money in forex trading.

If you are interested in trying forex trading, has experience as a bridge between traders and the forex market.

Final thought

Some people might lose their jobs due to coronavirus which caused the company to stop operating.

But some companies apply to work from home for their employees.

So they need applications that can be used for meeting remotely, applications that are trendy since Coronavirus is Zoom.

But besides that, there is also a Google meeting that is currently used by all Google employees after the company was banned zoom.

If you might lose your job, the list of types of work above can be your consideration for alternative work from home.

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