Gojek in malaysia 2020

Gojek in malaysia 2020

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June 6, 2020 by Martin Sukhor
Is Go-jek available in Malaysia? Gojek enters Malaysia 2020 is one of the efforts to expand services abroad. Gojek, which was previously written by Go-Jek, is a technology company from Indonesia which is engaged in motorbike taxi transportation. Founded in 2010 by Nadiem Makariem in Jakarta. Nadiem Makariem currently serves as minister of education and culture
gojek in malaysia

Is Go-jek available in Malaysia? Gojek enters Malaysia 2020 is one of the efforts to expand services abroad. Gojek, which was previously written by Go-Jek, is a technology company from Indonesia which is engaged in motorbike taxi transportation.

Founded in 2010 by Nadiem Makariem in Jakarta. Nadiem Makariem currently serves as minister of education and culture in the administration of President Joko Widodo.

In its local country Indonesia, the Gojek company is a fast-growing company. And service coverage has become available as a motorcycle taxi transportation in various cities.

The idea of ​​Gojek application design first appeared because Nadiem Makariem often uses motorbike taxi services. Everyday works using a motorbike taxi to avoid the congestion of the city of Jakarta. He thinks that most of the time spent by taxi motorbike drivers are waiting for passengers at the taxi motorbike base.

Even though the taxi motorcycle driver’s income will be a lot if there are more passengers, from that he has the idea to create a Gojek application that can connect between the passenger and the driver.

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Overview of Gojek motorbike taxi company

According to Wikipedia, Gojek was first officially established on October 13, 2010. At first stand with only 20 drivers. The first time Gojek only relied on the call center to connect passengers with motorbike taxi drivers.

In 2014, Nadiem Makarim began to get investment offers. Then on January 7, 2015, Gojek began to grow and develop by launching applications based on Android and iOS. This application then replaces the ordering system using the call center.

Gojek Funding

Gojek investors come from several venture companies. In 2016 received funding of US $ 550 million. These funding from KKR, Warburg Pincus, Farallon Capital, and Capital Group Private Markets and previous investors.

With the total amount of funding, Gojek has the status of being the first unicorn in Indonesia with a Gojek valuation of US $ 1.3 billion. Unicorn is a startup with a valuation of more than US $ 1 billion. At the time.

This startup got back funding from Google in January 2018.  Google’s reporting through an official blog that they had provided funding for Gojek. This is Google’s first investment in startups in Asia.

The funding is part of a series of funding which was followed by Tencent, JD, Temasek, and Meituan-Dianping. The total reached the US $ 1.2 billion.

But Google did not specify the amount of its investment to Gojek. It’s just a report from a source from Reuters that said the total is around 100 million US dollars.

Not long after Google, on 12 February 2018 Astra International, which is one of the national automotive companies in Indonesia. Announced its investment in Gojek worth the US $ 150 million. The injection of funds is the largest investment in Astra’s history. Investing in the digital sector and the biggest in Gojek compared to other investors until then.

On the same day, Djarum Group through PT Global Digital Niaga (GDN), a subsidiary of Djarum’s Global Digital Prima (GDP) venture capital company. It also announced its investment in Gojek. But GDN reveals how much money they invest in Gojek.

In June 2020, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Paypal announcing that they had given funding for Gojek is an ongoing fundraiser. Although it does not reveal the amount and nature of investments, the investment is very meaningful.

Challenges to enter Malaysia market Gojek

In its expansion Gojek in Malaysia, this idea was first presented to the public, but not necessarily getting permission from the Malaysian government. The rebuttal was conveyed by Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook. That emphasizes that Gojek had not yet obtained permission to operate in his country.

Ministers in the Cabinet only agree on the concept of ride-hailing using a motorcycle or an online motorcycle taxi. But the Malaysian government is still reviewing the regulation of motorcycle riding based on an online motorbike taxi. Gojek in Malaysia and other ride-sharing companies are must comply with regulations in force in Malaysia.

Greenlight for Gojek

Along with studies conducted by the Malaysian government, they are assessing the concept of online motorcycle taxi services, as stated by Gojek, which is very good. The reason is:

  • First, because it gives an opportunity for job seekers. The ministers in Malaysia rate, the service can be an alternative for people who want to find additional income. In fact, Malaysians who are studying in tertiary institutions can seek income through services like this. In fact, Malaysian students who are studying in tertiary institutions can earn income through services from Gojek Malaysia notes that there are around nine million adult residents who earn less than 3000 MYR. Gojek Malaysia expected to resolve this problem.
  • Second, the concept of first-mile-last-mile connectivity carried by Gojek. as a means of transportation, the Gojek service can be linked to people who want to use public transportation. So this will facilitate access and provide faster services. For example, to go to school, station, workplace, and others. And more about 40% of the middle-class people in Malaysia buy their own vehicles. Thus, a ride-sharing service can be a solution to other problems, such as traffic jams.

Gojek Trial Drive in Malaysia in January 2020

Having previously had difficulty obtaining permits in Gojek in Malaysia, Gojek finally obtained a permit to conduct a trial drive in Malaysia. Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook said Gojek and local ride-hailing startups Dego Ride were allowed to conduct trials for six months, starting in January 2020.

This trial is to measure how high the market demand for the presence of online motorcycle taxi transportation in Malaysia. Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook said that ride-hailing transportation would be an important component to provide a comprehensive public transportation system.

The trial phase will start from the Klang Valley region, the most developed region in Kuala Lumpur, the Capital City of Malaysia. The next stage after seeing the market reaction, which gives a good response, the next step is the government will test Gojek and Dego Ride.

Minister Loke said Gojek and Dego Ride would ask for the same regulations as applicable for other online transportation services, namely Grab.

Gojek in Malaysia career Driver registration

For those of you who have a motorbike and want to get extra income as a Gojek driver-partner, you can register through the Gojek app or the official website. But there are special requirements to qualify as a Gojek driver-partner.

To register for Go-Ride service which is the main service of Gojek you need some requirements:

  • Have a personal motorbike complete with active vehicle registration.
  • Be at least 17 years old and already have a Country ID and a maximum age of 55 years.
  • Minimum of a vehicle in 2011
  • Have a valid driver’s license.
  • Must have a smartphone with a minimum RAM of 1GB in order to access the Gojek application smoothly Go-Ride is the main service of Gojek.
  • Have a 4 stroke motorcycle maximum of 250 ccs.
  • Active vehicle registration, a maximum of 8 years of manufacturing, and active motor tax.
  • Letter of Police Registration Certificate.
  • Have an Android smartphone.
  • Have an email address with the Gmail domain

.In the registration process, usually, a new driver will be called to the office for an interview. But as of this writing, there is no information about the Gojek Malaysia office. However, you may try to contact support contact to get more information about where to find the Gojek office in Malaysia.

On the official website, there is also no domain name for Gojek Malaysia, while there are already official websites for Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore.

Gojek driver Malaysia

Since January 2020 Gojek and E hailing company Dego Ride have received permission to trial the application-based online motorcycle taxi service. The trial is for six months, and the Malaysian government will re-review how market demand for the service is.

At present, it seems that there is little Gojek in Malaysia drivers that become partner Gojek in Malaysia. If within six months the trial has a good impact on the people of Malaysia, then it can grow more Gojek driver Malaysia.

Gojek issue in Malaysia

Gojek drivers may face several issues in Malaysia.

  • Malaysia has strict laws regarding the use of helmets. This is different from Thailand and Indonesia. Wearing helmets of other people may be able to face problems with the law.
  • The issue of tariffs can also be a problem for Gojek in Malaysia, competition with cheaper motorcycle hailing Malaysia may be an obstacle for Gojek.
  • Conservative Malaysians might think that if a woman has to drive with a male driver, the family might not allow her.
  • 60% of accidents in Malaysia are due to motorcycle, this may have an impact on the concern of the people who will use Gojek.
  • The vulnerability of motorists who violate traffic rules is also a serious problem with more Gojek motorists possibly triggering increased violations.

Motorbike taxi competition in Malaysia

Getting permission to do a trial in Malaysia Malaysia, Gojek will face its competitors in Malaysia.

Grab bike Malaysia

This company made by Anthony Tan has become the main driving force for online transportation besides Gojek and Uber. More than 155 million users have downloaded the Grab Application. With this application, it has made it easy for Grab users to connect with 9 million driver-partners and agents.

Grab provides on-demand transportation services in Southeast Asia. Also food and goods delivery services in more than 338 cities in 8 countries. In December 2018, the company claimed to have received total funding of US $ 6.5 billion. Grab services in Malaysia include GrabCar, GrabRide, GrabSend, to GrabFood.

Dego Ride

Dego is an application designed by Malaysian citizen Nabil Feisal Bhamadhay who currently serves as CEO of Dego. Unlike Grab, Uber, and Gojek, Dego only provides online motorcycle taxi services and door to door delivery services.

But in 2017, the government officially banned the operation of Dego Ride due to security and insurance reasons. And recently Dego Ride was granted permission to operate again with Gojek.

Unlike Grab, Uber, and Gojek, Dego Ride has working hours from 9 am to 10 pm. Dego services are also still limited in Klang Valley. Klang Valley itself is in the center of the capital of Malaysia.


For goods delivery services, Gojek’s GoSend can harass application-based door-to-door delivery service players in Malaysia. One of the local players delivering goods in Malaysia is MatDespatch. Similar to the Dego Ride service, the new MatDespatch service can be used in Lembah Klang(Klang Valley)


Similar to MatDespatch, Karhoo is a door-to-door delivery service based on native Malaysian applications. Karhoo offers services in the form of 1-3 hours Delivery (3HrD), Same Day Delivery (SDD), and Next Day Delivery (NDD) services. This service is still limited in Klang Valley.

Final Thought

Gojek did not only expand into Malaysia but also had an obsession, especially in the Southeast Asia region.

In Vietnam, although at an early time faced obstacles, Gojek is now smooth and contributing to the country’s population. In Singapore also this e hailing company has received a good response.

Whether in Malaysia will also be as successful as in their home country Indonesia, given there is competition with local e hailing, especially with Grab.

Some Malaysians asked how to register as a Gojek driver-partner. This is a signal of interest in this company.

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