How many participants google meet?

How many participants google meet?

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June 11, 2020 by Martin Sukhor
Google meet is a remote conference application developed by Google, How many participants do google meet? When this has been reported Google meet can reach 100 participants duration 1 hour until 30 September 2020. Applications such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet. All these software become widely used to work remotely since the coronavirus pandemic
How many participants google meet?

Google meet is a remote conference application developed by Google, How many participants do google meet? When this has been reported Google meet can reach 100 participants duration 1 hour until 30 September 2020.

Applications such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet. All these software become widely used to work remotely since the coronavirus pandemic broke out.

Each has advantages and disadvantages, but with better development, Google meet deserves to be a consideration of companies that implement work from home. With a variety of features offered. Google meet increasingly spoil users with amazing capabilities.

Since the pandemic many people spend their time at home and internet usage is becoming increasingly higher in search of information. With more and more people surfing and doing work online. It’s making many people look for alternatives by using various applications. So that they can stay in touch and take meetings without interruption.

Now I will explain to you, how the features of Google meet are the mainstay of Google for video conference.

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What is Google Meet App?

how many participants google meet

Google Meet is a product from Google which is a video communication service application by Google. This application is one of 2 applications that are new versions of the previous version, namely Google Hangouts and Google Chat.

Google itself has stopped the classic version of Google Hangouts in October 2019 ago. After only inviting and secretly without being kissed by the public, Google Meet was released for iOS users only, but in February 2017 Google officially launched Google Meet the following month.

Development of Meet is almost unknown to the public, Google Meet was released for iOS users only. But in February 2017 Google officially launched Google Meet the following month.

This service was launched as a video conference application that can be watched by up to 30 participants. The meet is a stronger version than its predecessor Hangouts because Meet is able to display on web applications, Android, and iOS applications.

Google Meet is integrated with G Suite, which allows users to join directly from Calendar or invitations sent via email. Meeting invitations created from the application can be accessed via the link and meeting code sent, as well as telephone numbers if available.

Users who use Skype for Business or systems based on SIP and H.323 standards (Polycom and Cisco) can also easily join Google Meet meetings via the Pexip Infinity Platform.

Users can also monitor meeting schedules with all important information from the Calendar. How the way to make the meeting invitation is to create an account in G Suite.

Google Meet features

Google Meet has been used in daily conferences reaching 100 million daily participants. While Zoom reported 300 were also daily participants and Microsoft with Skype 200 million daily participants.

Meet offers many features that can help individual and corporate users to a large scale. The following features can be a mainstay of Google Meet:

  • Allow to invite up to 100 participants per call for G Basic Suite user. 150 people for G Suite Business users. And 260 people per meeting for users who purchase the G Suite Enterprise package.
  • Allow joining meetings from the web or through applications for Android and iOS smartphone users.
  • Ability to conduct online meetings with dial-in numbers. If a G Suite Enterprise edition user uses a dial-in number, the user’s password or password will be protected.
  • Integration with Google Calendar to make one-click meeting calls.
  • Share screens to present documents, spreadsheets, or presentations.
  • Encrypted calls between all participants.
  • Closed text produced by AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Google Meet packages and fees

Although Google Hangouts Meet can be free use of charge for a small scale of 25 people or simply accept an invitation to join the Google Meet teleconference together. But if you want to use this application for your company or a larger gathering. Here are the Google Meet packages that can You take advantage of.

G Suite Basic Package

  • With USD $4.20 per month, you can conduct online video conferences by inviting up to 100 participants per meeting.

G Suite Business Package

  • With USD $ 9.6 US dollars per month. You can invite and conduct online meetings with 150 participants.

G Suite Enterprise Package

  • Cost of USD $25 per month, premium users can invite 250 people to an online meeting or share live streaming to 100 thousand viewers. And save the online meeting recordings to Google Drive for free. And use the full features of Google Meet even more freely.

The advantages of Google Meet

Google Meet has been through development that is far more interesting and offers the best features than its predecessor the classic Google Hangouts.

Some of the advantages offered by Google Meet are as follows:

  • Helping workers and employees to keep meeting wherever they are using video calls.
  • Unique interface and functional with a lightweight size and fast. Promoting efficient management, user-friendly, which can be followed by all participants.
  • Users can invite meeting participants and share features.
  • Has a Whiteboard feature. Where we can make writing and words in the whiteboard feature. The whiteboard is a means of explanation in the form of pictures or numbers. Which is difficult to explain using verbal.
  • The video display is HD (High Definition) and can also provide resolutions found on smartphones.
  • Video encryption service. Google Meet provides these services to keep the confidentiality of the data of its users.

The weakness of Google Meet

For individual users, Google Meet also has some weaknesses, including the following below.

  • Google Meet does not yet have a pulse saver feature during a video call. If this feature is available it can minimize the data used and allow it to minimize internet cost.
  • Not all facilities are provided free of charge. Users must purchase a package from Google Suite before using more and complete features.
  • Requires a stable network connection. meaning this requires a fast and stable internet connection. Because with a stable network Google Meet can operate as it should and work properly without any interruptions in sound or video.

How to use Google Meet

There are many ways for internet users to stay connected be it mobile or who remain sitting in front of a computer screen. And Google Meet understands this condition by providing integration to all devices. They make it easier for all users both from an Android or iOS-based smartphone and through a computer desktop.

Google Meet for smartphone/mobile users

Maybe you use mobile more or prefer to use a smartphone/cellphone then you can download this application Play Store and App Store.

Register or Sign Up using your Gmail. If you are already registered, you will be able to do an online conference using the chat or video conference feature. Click the (+) icon in the right-hand corner of the application and select New Video Call, then add participants by entering their email address or telephone number.

Google Meet for computer/desktop users

Computer users can access Google Meet on their official page, then click Join or Start a Meeting. Here the user must create a meeting code and meeting title before inviting participants. The website will ask permission to access the microphone and camera.

Click Join Now to join the virtual meeting room, the presentation will be done on a computer screen. If you want to invite more people, please copy and paste the video conference or simply add a new participant email.

Google meet tutorial

Maybe with a little explanation above, you still don’t quite understand how to use Google Meet. Well, now I will give a further explanation with Google meet tutorial. But I’m sure you’re all good at using a smartphone or computer. This will be an easy way to explore how to use Google Meet.

Open Meet

This is the first step, opening Google Meet, in your browser, just open this page: If you already have a Google account, you can sign in using that account and access the Meet interface.

To use the full version of Meet is only available for those who already have a G-Suite account. Anyone who has a Google account can join the meeting, but not all of them cannot hold a meeting.

These steps when using Meet via a computer, and for those who use mobile devices can download applications that are available for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Start or join Meet

If You have opened the Google Meet page, and there will get two options, Start meeting, or Join Meeting.

If you have already registered a Google account, you can log in and start it, but if not, you must register a Google account. On the same page, it will also display any meetings that you previously scheduled on Google Calendar.

If you choose to join the meeting, what is needed is to know the name of the code meeting. For example, the code name of the meeting is Forex trader pro, you write the name of the meeting and click ‘continue’ to join.

If you choose to start Meeting, after click start meeting then will be presented to enable camera and sound.

Become a Presenter

If the name Meet is not found then you must create a new meeting, and also give the option to ‘present’. As a presenter, you can invite other participants to join. It is important to understand that anyone can attend as far as having a meeting code.

Camera and Sound Control

This function will automatically detect the conference function, from audio and video inputs and outputs, after the meeting is created. You can activate the camera and audio function by simply clicking on the icon at the bottom of the screen panel.

After your laptop camera is ready, it shows you as if you are looking in a mirror, but the video receiver will see you as you are.

Add people

Then after the meeting starts, you can add people who haven’t been invited. There are several ways to do this, but most business users choose to send emails or chat messages with a link to the meeting.

Meet creates a link for you to copy, you can distribute the link to anyone, either by email or write it down. Telephone number options are also available which are numbers for countries where G-Suite accounts are registered. But this option is not available in all regions.

As a shortcut, you can add everyone registered from the registered G-Suite account and click to add. You can also call the user directly from the application if they are available.

Show Desktop presentations

You can be seen by all meeting participants, and you can also arrange meetings. These settings are at the bottom of the panel, and you can choose whether the entire screen or only the application window can be seen. This facility is very useful for PowerPoint presentations.

Mute participants

You can mute audio and video streaming by clicking on anyone in the list of people present. What you hear and see from them, you can control it. For the sake of others and the smooth running of the meeting, make sure that your camera and microphone are functioning properly before joining the meeting with sufficient audio.


Meet also supports built-in messaging in addition to Meet video and audio calls. Using Chat You can type information into other participants. Or attach a file.

Use the Mobile application

You can use Hangout Meet for the mobile version of Google Meet. However you cannot host a meeting, but you can join the ongoing. You need a code to join, the code is the same as registered after in the meet link.

Your internet connection must be stable and smooth, if it is broken the code will be useful for joining again.

Final Thought

Currently Google Meet is competing with other applications such as Zoom, Skype, and others. Premium features that previously had to pay, are now given free until 30 September 2020.

Maybe in that month, the pandemic is over and this makes it easy for users who are doing remote work that requires company member meetings. On a large scale, the company has become one of the alternatives to do remote video conferencing.

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